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History Form 3 Questions and Answers End Term 1 Exam Free

History Form 3 Past Paper Questions with Marking Scheme


1.   Give two examples of oral traditions used in the study of Kenyan History.( 2mks)

2.   Name One pre-historic site in Kenya where Kenyapithecus was discovered ( 1mk)

3.   Give two reasons why Kenyan communities fought against each other during  the pre-colonial period                                                                                          ( 2 mks)

4.   Give two archaeological evidence that shows that the Kenyan  coast had contacts with the outside world by 1500 )                                                                        (2 mks)

5.   Give the main reason why the early visitors  came to the Kenyan coast by 1500AD                                                                                                                                               (1 mk)

6.   Name the  dispersal area of the Eastern Bantu                                                         (1 mk)

7.   State  two ways in which the Kenyan  constitution promotes national unity                                                                                                                                                            (2mks)

8.   Identity two developmental rights of children                                                         (2mks)

9.   Identify one body in  Kenya that monitors  human rights                                     (1 mk)

10.Give two strategic factors that made Britain interested in occupying       

      Kenya during the 19th Century                                                                                  (2 mks)

11. State  one role played by Mekatilili wa Menza  in the struggle for independence  in Kenya                                                                                                                      (1 mk)

12. Give two reasons why Africans were denied equal opportunities with other races during the colonial period.                                                                                                        (2 mk)

13  . State the chartered company that administered Northern Nigeria during colonization.                                                                                                             (1 mk)

14.  Give the main aim of 1884 -1885 Berlin conference                                                 (1 mk)

15.  Who is regarded as the father of road construction?                                               (1 mk)

16.  State one feature  of agriculture in Britain before 1750                                           ( 1mk)

17.       State two effects of the development of railway transport in the 19th       ( 2mk)

Form 3 History Questions Section B ( 45 marks ) 

 Answer any three questions from this section.

18   a. Give five reasons for the migration of the cushiest from their    

          original   homeland into Kenya during  the pre-colonial period.             ( 5 mks)

b.Explain Five social effect of the migration and settlement of the Mijikenda in their

    present  land                                                                                       ( 10 mks)

19. a. Name three treaties that were signed between the British and the Oman Arab rulers at the Coast of East Africa to end slavery   and   slave trade   ( 3 mks)

b.   Explain six effects of the coming of Christian missionaries in Kenya. (12mks)

20.  a. Outline three demands for the white settlers contained in the    

            Devonshire White paper in 1923                                                         ( 3 mks)


b.   Explain six problems encountered by white settlers in Kenya             

(12  mks) 

21. (a) State five conditions that one had to fulfill in order to be fully assimilated in   

       Senegal                                                                                                         (3 mks)


b.   Explain the effects of British Direct rule in Zimbabwe-                 (12mks)

Form 3 History Questions and Answers SECTION C (30 MARKS)

Answer any two questions only in this section

22.  a   Identify three ways in which conflicts can be prevented in 

           Kenya                                                                                                         (3mks)



b.   Explain the causes of conflicts among the people of Kenya today.                                                                                                                                  (12 mks)

23. a. Identify three constitutional amendments that took place in      1964                                                                                                                                              (3mks)

b. Explain six features of the independence Constitutio                      (12 mks)

24. (a) State three economics activities of the ancient Buganda Kingdom            (3mks)

     (b) Discuss the political organization of the Shona during the pre-colonial   

        period.                                                                                                         (12mks)

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