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Form 2 History End Term 1 Exam Questions with Answers

Form 2 History Exam SECTION A (25MKS)

Answer all questions in this section.

1.   Identify two archeological evidences that show Kenya was inhabited by Stone Age people 2 million years ago.                                                                                                                 (2mks)

2.   State one practice that the Agikuyu borrowed   from the Gumbo during the pre-colonial period.                                                                                                                                      (1mk)

3.   Give two reasons why Africans moved to urban centres in Kenya during the colonial period.                                                                                                                                                                 (2mks)

4.Name two exports to East Africa from China during the Indian Ocean trade.                           (2mks)

5.Name one remaining Southern Cushitic group in Kenya.                                                                (1mks)

6. State one contribution of Ludwig Krapf in the spread of Christianity in Kenya                           (1mk)

7. Give one example f regional trade in Africa.                                                                                       (1mk)

8. State two limitations of relying on oral tradition as a source of information on history.                                                                                                                                                                                              (2mk)

9. State two significance of the initiation ceremonies among the Mijikenda during the pre-colonial period.                                                                                                                                                      (2mks)

10. Name one function of the Wanga king during the pre-colonial period.                                 (1mk)

11. Name two archeological sites in Kenya.                                                                                          (2mks)

12.Give the contribution for Wright brothers in the development of transport.                               (1mk)

13. Mention two factors that make the camel a good pack animal.                                                  (1mk)

14. Name the type of picture writing used in Egypt.                                                                         (1mks)

15. Identify two Portuguese officials involved in the Portuguese conquest of the East coast.                                                                                                                                                                                       (2mks)

16. Give two ways in which one can qualify to become a Kenyan citizen.                                      (2mks)

17. Give one methods of conflict resolution.                                                                                      (1mk)


Form 2 History SECTION    B (45MKS)

Answer any THREE questions.

18. (a) State five agricultural practices in Europe before the Agrarian Revolution.               (5mks)

     (b) Explain five factors for the decline of the Trans-Atlantic trade.                                        (10mks)

19. (a) What are the causes of food shortage in Kenya.                                                              (3mks)

       (b)Explain the measures that the Kenyan government has taken to solve food shortages.                                                                                                                                                                                   (12mks)

20. (a) Identify the groups of the Ameru during the pre-colonial period.                                       (5mks)

      (b)Explain the functions of the NjuriNcheke among the Ameru.                                              (10mks)

21. (a) Give three ways how the Indian Ocean trade contributed to the coming of Christian missionaries to Kenya during the 19th C                                                                                                (3mks)

    (b) Explain six social results of Christian missionaries’ activities in Kenya                                 (12mks)

Form 2 History SECTION C (30MKS)

Answer any TWO questions.

22.(a) What are the limitations to freedom of movement in Kenya?                                        (3mks)

      (b)Discuss the social duties of a Kenyan citizen.                                                                    (12mks)

23. (a) Identify five cultural practices of Homo Sapiens.                                                            (5mks)

        (b) Outline five results of early agriculture in Egypt.                                                         (10mks)

24. (a) State the economic issues that cause conflict.                                                                             (5mks)

(b)Describe the various methods of conflict resolution.                                                                    (10mks)

History Form Two Past Paper Questions and Answers

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