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Geography Form 3 Questions and Answers End Term 1 Exam Free

Geography Form 3 Past Paper Questions with Marking Scheme


  1. a Define the term Geography?                                                                         (2 mks)

            b Outline four importance of Geography in the learning process                               (4 mks)

  • a What is the longitude of a place M whose local time is 1100 am If the local time at  

          longitude 30oE is 200 pm                                                                                          (3 mks)

            b State the effect of the International Date Line                                                    (1 mk)

  • a State two effects of earths rotation                                                                             (2 mks)

b Outline Three causes of earth movements                                                                    (3 mks)

  • a Give three examples of rapid mass movements                                                     (3 mks)

              b Name three fold mountains of Alphine Orogeny                                                     (3 mks)

  • Name ;

  i Two Intrusive landforms                                                                                                (2 mks)

                 ii Two Extrusive landforms                                                                                           (2 mks)

Geography Questions and answers SECTION B:


  • The table below shows temperature and rainfall date of station X
Temp oC121314171922242624201613
Rainfall in (mm)11284744146151054179130137

Use the data to calculate

a(i)The mean monthly temperature                                                                                      (3 mks)

(ii)The mean monthly Rainfall                                                                                            (3 mks)

            (iii)  The median rainfall                                                                                                        (2 mks)

(iv)The temperature and rainfall range                                                    (4 mks)

(b) Use the rainfall data to draw a simple line graph                                                       ( 7 mks)

(c) State 3 advantages of using a simple line graph                                                       (3 mks)

(d) Outline clearly 3 disadvantages of using this technique                                           (3 mks)

  • a i Define the term forest                                                                                             (2 mks)

              ii Explain five uses of forests and forest products in Kenya                                   (10 mks)

            b i Outline any 4 problems facing forestry in Kenya                                                    (4 mks)

ii Highlight five forest conservation measures commonly used in Kenya                 (5 mks)

             c Compare and contrast softwood forestry in Canada and Kenya                           (4 mks)

  • a i Define the term mining                                                                                            (2 mks)

             ii State three ways in which minerals occur                                                                   (3 mks)

             b i State and explain 4 factors that influence the occurrence and exploitation of minerals

(8 mks)

             ii Explain any two methods employed in underground mining                                  (4 mks)

              c i State 4 effects of mining in the environment                                                            (4 mks)

             ii Highlight 4 problems facing mining in Kenya                                                              (4 mks)

  • a Name three types of physical weathering                                                             (3 mks)

              b i Give three factors that influence the rate of weathering                                       (3 mks)

ii Describe two causes of biological weathering                                                 (6 mks)

             c  i Give five types of chemical weathering                                                                    (5 mks)

             ii Explain four significances of weathering to human activities                                 (8 mks)

  1. a Define the term vegetation                                                                                        (2 mks)

              b i State and explain four factors which influences the distribution of vegetation (8 mks)

            ii Explain clearly four uses of vegetation                                                             (8 mks)

            c i Give three characteristics of Savanna Grasslands                                                     (3 mks)

             ii Fill in the blank spaces                                                                                                 (4 mks)

                        Temperature grassland                  Where its found

                        Prairies                                              –

                        Steppes                                              –

                        Pampas                                              –

                        Veld                                                   –

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