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CRE Form 3 Questions and Answers End Term 1 Exam Free

CRE Form 3 Past Paper Questions with Marking Scheme

1.   (a) Describe the features of the Canaanite religion.                                                  (8mks)

(b) Outline seven ways in which King Jeroboam promoted the spread of Idolatry in Israel                                                                                                                                                            (7mks)

(c) Give reasons that makes Christians to enter into Idolatry today.                          (5mks)

2.   (a) State seven teachings of Jesus on sin.                                                       (7mks)

(b) Give reasons why Jesus used the parable of the lost son in His teachings.                  (7mks)

(c) Give reasons why Christians should practice forgiveness.                                     (6mks)

3.   (a) list reasons how king David demonstrated his faith in God                      (7mks)

(b)What are the characteristics of God portrayed in the life of King David?                        (7mks)

(c) How do Christian leaders misuse their positions                                                         (6mks) 

4.   (a) Explain 6 the teachings of prophet Amos about the day of the lord.                          (6mks)

(b) Show 6 ways in which the rich oppressed the poor during the time of prophet

     Amos.                                                                                                                                     (6mks)

(c) How is the church promoting social justice in Kenya today?                                       (8mks)

5.   (a) Outline the message of Angel Gabriel about John the Baptist when he announced his

       birth to Zechariah.                                                                                                             (6mks)

(b) Describe the incident when Jesus accompanied His parents for the Passover festival at

      the age of 12 in Luke2:                                                                                                       (8mks)

            (c) How do Christians prepare themselves for the second coming of the messiah. (6mks)

6.   (a) Outline Peter’s teaching about Jesus in his Pentecost message                              (6mks)

(b) Describe Paul’s teaching on unity of Christians using the analogy of the vine and  

      branches                                                                                                                            (7mks)

(c) State seven ways of promoting unity of believers in the Christians community     (7mks)

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