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Hostory Form 4 Past Paper 2 Questions with Marking Scheme


Answer all history questions in this section

1.   Name one of the periods of History                                                                                 (1mk)

2.   Identify the hominid that is associated with the invention of fire                               (1mk)

3.   Give two reasons that made Early human beings to live in groups during the stone age period                                                                                                                                                (2mks)

4.   State two theories that explain the origin and spread of agriculture                          (2mks)

5.   Give two reasons why the camel is referred to as “the ship of the desert”                (2mks)

6.   What was the main item of trade from North Africa in the Trans-Saharan Trade    (1mk)

7.   Give two factors that enhanced the spread of iron working in Africa                                    (2mks)

8.   Give the main advantage of a cell phone                                                                         (2mks)

9.   Name two communities that did not take part in the MajiMaji uprising of 1905 – 1907 in Tanganyika                                                                                                                           (2mks)

10. Name the European power that colonized Zimbabwe                                                  (1mk) 

11. Name two communes in Senegal where assimilation was successful                         (2mks)

12. Give the main reason for the convening of the Berlin conference of 1880-1884         (1mk)

13. Give the main function of international court of justice                                                (1mk)

14. List two founders of Pan-Africanism                                                                                (2mks)

15. Name any two weapons used during cold war                                                              (2mks)

16. Name the European power that was blamed for the outbreak of the first world war (1mk)

17. Name the international organization that took over from O.A.U                                (1mk)

F4 History Questions SECTION B (45 MARKS)

Answer any three questions in this section

18. (a) Identify five ways in which Homo Erectus attempted to improve his way of life     (5mks)

(b) Explain how the development of Early agriculture changed the lives of Early man (10mks)

19. (a) State five uses of iron during the pre-colonial period in Africa                              (5mks)

(b) Explain five challenges facing industrialization in Third World Countries               (10mks)

20. (a) Outline five methods used by Europeans to acquire colonies in Africa               (5mks)

(b) Explain five reasons for the failure of the Maji Maji uprising of 1905-1907                   (10mks)                   

21. (a) Outline the duties of the Emirs in Northern Nigeria                                                (5mks)

(b) Explain five roles of Kwame Nkrumah in the struggle for independence in Ghana    (10mks)       

History Questions Form 4 SECTION C (30MKS)

Answer any two questions in this section

22. (a) State three European dictation responsible for second world war                         (3mks)                        

(b) Explain six political results of the second world war                                                 (12mks)

23. (a) State the three permanent members of the council of the league of nations        (3mks)

(b) Explain six achievements of Economic Community of West African states (ECOWAS)                                                                                                                                                                          (12mks)

24. (a) Identify three reasons why the Manchester Pan African congress of 1945 was unique.                                                                                                                                                             (3mks)

(b) Explain six reasons why Pan African Movement was not properly established in        

      Africa by 1945.                                                                                                                (12mks)