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History Form 1 Term 1 Questions and Answers

1.            Define the term History.                (2mks)

2.            Identify  two periods in History  (2mks)

3.            Identify three major  divisions of History (3mks)

4.            What does the term Government mean? (2mks)

5.            Give three reasons why it is important to study.

i)History                                                               (3mks)

ii)Government                                  (3mks)

6.            Identify five sources  of information on History and Government (5mks)

7.            a)Define the term oral tradition (2mks)

b) Identify the dating methods used in archaeology(5mks)

8. State five limitations  of using electronic sources  of information on History  and Government                                                                                                                                                     (5mks)

9. Identify the three theories that explain the origin of man.(3mks)

10. Give three adaptations that distinguish man from other primates.(3mks)

11. Apart from Fort Ternan, name other sites in Kenya where Kenyapithecus was discovered                                        (3mks)

12. Give reasons why Africa is regarded as the cradle of mankind.(6mks)

13. Highlight four characteristics of Egyptopithecus (4mks)

14a) who were the makers of the Acheulian handaxes?  (3mks)

15. Name the four types of Australopithecus(4mks)

16. What were the advantages of the discovery of fire by the early man?(6mks)

17. Give three reasons why the early man lived in groups.(3mks)

18a) Define the term Agriculture               (2mks)

b) State the factors that made man to develop early agriculture(5mks)

19. Describe six benefits of the domestication of animals(6mks)

20. State the effects of early agriculture in Egypt and Mesopotamia(5mks)

21. Highlight three factors that brought the Agrarian revolution inBritain(3mks)

22a) What are the causes of food shortage in Africa?(5mks)

   b) State  the effects of food shortage in Africa(5mks)

History Form One Questions and Answers 

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