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Form 1 Geography Exam Papers and Marking Scheme End Term 1

1.         a) What is practical geography?  (2mks)

            b) Name two Greek words from which term geography originate                      (2mks)

2.         Name two branches of geography        (2mks)

3.         Name any three study areas in human geography        (3mks)          

4.         Define the term environment    (2mks)          

5.         Explain four reasons for importance of studying geography  (4mks)

6.         Name five human features  (5mks)

7.         What is habitat  (2mks)

8.         List six disciplines related to geography  (6mks)

9.         Differentiate between each of the following:   (4mks)

(i)         Demography and population geography        

ii)   Economics and economic geography

10.       The diagram below represents the structure of the earth. Use it to answer question

a)         Name

(i)        The parts marked P and Q        (2mks



(ii)  The discontinuity marked R          (1mk)


(b) State three characteristics of the mantle     (3mks)

11.       The diagram below shows the composition of the solar system

(a)        Name the planets marked F and G       (2mks)


12.       a)         What is the solar system?         (2mks)

            b)         Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follow.

                                                                                                                                                                        i)          What type of eclipse is represented by the diagram?   (1mk)

            ii)         Name the features marked L and M     (2mks)


  13.     Define the following,                (6mks)

i.          Galaxy

ii.         Star     

iii.     Asteroid

14.            State four factors that support life on planet earth.             (4mks)

15.      (a)         List four effects of earth rotation.         (4mks)

 (b)      State characteristics of summer solstice.                                    (4mks)

16.       At Nairobi on longitude 37°E local time is 1 p.m. What time would it be at Sarissa on longitude 41 °E?                                                                    (4mks)

17.     (a)          Give three precautions to be taken when citing a weather station.       (3mks)

(b)       State three factors determining the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface.               (3mks)

18.  (a)             Name two theories of the  origin  of the earth  (2 mks)

  (b)     Name four layers of the earth’s atmosphere                                              (4 mks)

19.       (a)        Explain three ways in which clouds influence weather.   (3mks)

(b)       Use the data below to answer questions that follow.

Month of the yearJ  F  M  A  M  J  J  A  S  O  N  D  
Temp in °C  25  26  26  24  23  22  21  21  22  22  22  22  
Rainfall in mm  42  40  73  171  90  89  163  160  71  68  64  42  

(i)     Calculate mean annual temperature      (2mks)

(ii)    Calculate annual rainfall           (2mks)

 (iii)             Calculate annual range of temperature.            (2mks)

iv)    Calculate the mean annual rainfall   (2mks)

(v)    Which is the wettest month?    (2mks)          

      (c)           Give four proofs that the earth is spherical in shape.   (8mks)

Geography Form One Questions and Answers 

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