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Form 1 Chemistry Exam Papers and Marking Scheme End Term 1

1.  (i).  Define Chemistry.    (1mk)

      (ii) State three roles of chemistry in the society.                                                       (3mks)

2.     (i)    What is a drug.                                                                                                        (1mk)

 (ii)    Name three frequently abused drugs.   (3mks)

(iii)     State two long term effects of drug abuse.                                                            (2mks)

3. (a)    State three apparatus used for measuring accurate volumes of liquids.        (3mks)

     (b)    Give two reasons why most laboratory apparatus are made of glass.                          (2mks)

4.          What is a flame?                                                                                                       (1mk)

5.         Putting off flames is one of the laboratory safety rules. State three other rules.  (3mks)

6. (i)    What is a mixture?                                                                                                     (1mk)

      (ii). State two physical means of separating a mixture.                                          (2mks)

7.                     Differentiate between physical and chemical changes as follows:                                 (4 mks)

Chemical changePhysical change

8.         State the method used to separate each of the following mixtures.                                 (5mks)

a)         Sodium chloride and Ammonium chloride

b)         Pigments in Fanta orange soda

c)         Components of crude oil

d)        Oil from ground nuts

e)         Sand and water

9.         The following represents a Bunsen burner flame.

a)   Name the flame (1mk)

b)   Name the parts of the flame labeled; (2mks)


B: .

c)   Identify the hottest part of the flame. Give a reason.     (2mks)


10. Give five differences between luminous and non-luminous flames.       (5mks)   


LuminousNon luminous

10 A student accidentally added water to a kerosene. The mixture was poured into apparatus A below in order to separate them.

a)         Name the apparatus A.                                                                                             (1mk)

b)         Comment about the densities of water and kerosene.                                           (1mk)

c)         Name two other liquids which can be separated using this method.                   (1mk)

d)        Classify the following changes as either physical or chemical.                                    (5mks)

a)         Burning of wood:

b)         Melting ice:

c)         Heating zinc oxide: .

d)        Rusting of iron: .

e)         The diagram below shows a set- up of apparatus used to separate miscible liquids.

i)          Name the apparatus labeled:                                                                                    (3mks)

A :

B :

C :

ii)        Name liquid D.                                                                                             (1mk)

iii)       State the purpose of;                                                                                                    (2mks)


B: .

iv)       State one application of the above method.                                                              (1mk)

9.         The diagrams below are some common laboratory apparatus. Name each apparatus and

      state its use

15.       Below are three diagrams representing the three stages of matter. Label them appropriately.(3mks)

                         .                    .

16.       State 4 career areas studied in chemistry.   (2mks)

17.       The diagram below shows various states of matter. Study it and answer the questions.

a)         State the processes labeled A to F.                                                            (6mks) 

A: .

B: .

C: .

D: .



b)        Name two substances that undergo process E    (2mks)

17.       Describe how you can separate a mixture of sand and common salt              (3marks)

18.       Draw a well labelled diagram of a Bunsen burner and label at least four parts  (4mks)

Chemistry Form One Questions and Answers 

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