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1.         Study the photograph (a) and (b) and use them to answer the questions below:-

            (a) (i) Name the type of photograph shown in the figure (b)                                                

                  (ii) Name three human activities carried out in photographs (a) and (b)                       

            (b) If the two photographs were taken from western province, name four districts in the

                 province the photographs are likely to have been taken from?                                        

            (c) Explain five physical conditions that encourage the growth of crops in photograph (a)

           (d) State five problems facing farmers of this crop in Kenya                                                

2.          (a) (i) State three characteristics of the  animal breeds                                 

     (ii) Explain why the above activity is mainly located in the highlands in Kenya



1.         a) i) – Ground close up                                                                                                      

            ii) – Photograph (A) – Harvesting of sugarcanes                                                                     

– Photograph B – Transportation of sugarcane

   . b)   – Kakamega district                                                                                                             

– Busia district

– Bungoma district

– Mumias district      

. c)       – it requires high rainfall of about 1270mm and rainfall should reduce towards harvesting

               Twice to allow for concentration of sugar                                                                              

– It requires hot climate with temperatures ranging from 20oC to 27oC throughout the year

— It requires a dry sunny period for ripening and harvesting

– It requires well drained soils, with nutrients

– It is grown on fairly level gentle sloping land. This allows for the use machines during ploughing, planting and harvesting

    d)    – Small farm sizes                                                                                                              

– Pests and diseases e.g. ratoon stunting lowering the yields

Corruption in factory management over production

– Delayed payment kills the morale of the farmers

– Low earnings form sugarcane production

2.         (a) i)- Well developed udder                                                                                             

    -Have wide hind quarters, big stomach and small chests

               -Have big milk veins

             -Short legs well set to support their heavy bodies

       ii)   – The highlands have high population that offers ready market for the product                

  • They have well established infrastructure which is a major factor in dairy farming activity
  • Reliable rainfall and constant supply of water
  • The region has low temperature best for exotic breeds. Survival
  • There is humid condition
  • High quality cover of grass due to fertile soils in the region
  • The high nutrient pasture characteristic