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FORM 2 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-HISTORY Answers







  1. Give the meaning of history.                                                                                            (1mk)
  2. Study of man’s past events and activities.
  • Name the scientific theory that explains the origin of human being.                               (1mk)
  • The evolution theory/xxxxxxx
  • State five uses of fire by early man.                                                                                 (5mks)
  • Provided warmth

  • to scare animals
  • cooking and roasting
  • providing light
  • hardening tools/pots
  • for communication
  • State four ways in which people in developing countries are affected by food shortage.  (4mk)
  • Suffer malnutrition/poor/health
  • Loss of life/death
  • People have to rely on relief food/food aid
  • The little food available becomes expensive
  • increased insecurity/ people steal food
  • Agricultural based industries lack law materials and unemployment
  • children drop out of school because of hunger
  • decrease in population
  • many people become refugees
  • money meant for economic is used to buy food
  • malnutrition diseases
  • Name one method of irrigation used in development of early agriculture.                      (1mks)

  • basin
  • canal
  • shadow
  • a. Give five reasons for the migration of the Luo during the pre-colonial period.           (5mks)

  • population pressure
  • search for pressure water for their livestock
  • escape form hostile neighbours
  • internal conflicts
  • diseases and epidemics
  • spent of adventure

b. Explain the effect of the luo migration and settlement in western Kenya.                  (10mks)

  • displaced communities they came across
  • cultural exchange with their neighbours
  • population increase in areas they settled
  • conflicts with neighbours over ground land etc
  • intermarriage with neighbouring communities
  • traded with neighbours
  • assimilated some communities
  • a. Name three early visitors to East Africa coast up to 1500 AD.                                   (3mks)

  • Greeks
  • Chinese
  • Arabs
  • romans
  • Persians

b. State four factors that enabled early visitors to come to East Africa Coast.                (4mks)            

  • existence of monsoon winds

  • accessibility of the coast by sea
  • availability of funds for trade
  • availability of sailing vessels
  • relative peace around the coast
  • know of boat – making
  • deep harbours at the coast
  • Explain five effects of Portuguese rule in the East Africa Coast.                                                (10mks)
  • Built fort Jesus for Defence purpose which later becomes a tourist attraction.
  • Introduced new crops
  • Harsh and cruel manner of suppressing rebellious led to loss of lives
  • Constant rebellious against the Portuguese rule interfered with trading activities leading to its decline.
  • The coastal towns that resisted their rule were destroyed and left in ruins.
  • Educated coastal people on how to use animal manure in farming and thus increased crop yields
  • Some word borrowed form Portuguese languages were used to enrich Kiswahili language
  • they imposed heavy taxation which improver shed the coastal people
  • They fostered good relation between East Africa and India.
  • Identify two methods of trade.                                                                                         (2mks)

  • Barter
  • currency
  • Give four methods used to acquire slaves in West Africa during the trans- Atlantic trade.                                                                                                                                                    (4mks)
  • Selling of subjects by rulers
  • raiding
  • Exchanging of people with manufactured goods
  • Kidnapping lonely
  1. Give three disadvantages of motor vehicle.                                                                      (3 mk)
  1. Explain five results of Trans- Atlantic trade in West Africa.                                           (10mks)                                                                                                                                       
  1. List three forms of print – Media.                                                                                    (3mks)
  1. Identify five uses of bronze in pre- colonial Africa.                                                        (5mk)
  1. Explain five factors that have promoted Industrialization in India.                                 (10mks)                                                                            
  1.  Give two reasons why early urban centres in ancient Egypt development in the Nile Valley                                                                                                                                              (2mks)
  1.  Give five factors that led to early urbanization.                                                        (5mks)
  1.  Give five functions of Cairo.                                                                                            (5mks)
  2. Identify one reason that led to decline of xxxxxxxxx
  3. Identify one way of becoming a Kenyan citizen.                                                              (5mk)
  4. Give five factor that limit national unity.                                                                         (5mks)
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