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Form 2 Geography End Term 1 Exam with Free Marking Scheme

1 .(a)   Define the following terms:

             (i)  Environment                                                                                                 (2mks)

(ii)   Ecology                                                                                                           (2mks)

            (iii)  Habitat                                                                                                            (2mks)

(b)  i)List two main branches of Geography                                                         (2mks)

      ii)  Give three importance of studying Geography                                                (6mks)


2.   (a) What is the solar system?                                                                                (2mks)

b)   (i) Name two theories explaining the origin of the solar system                    (2mks)

(ii) Give three weaknesses of the passing star theory                                       (3mks)

3.   (a)       What is the shape of the Earth?                                                                 (1mk)

(b) Explain three proofs supporting the fact that the Earth is spherical               (6mks)

4. a) Explain the term humidity                                                                         (1mk)

b)Differentiate between absolute humidity and relative humidity                (2mks)

5. a i)What is a weather station                                                                             (2mks)

ii) Identify two instruments kept in a Stevenson’s screen.                               (2mks)

b. Some students are to conduct a field study on weather in their school.

i) Describe how they used a rain gauge in their                                                (3mks)

ii) Identify two weather they are likely to have studied apart from rainfall.(2mks)

c. i) State three methods of weather forecasting                                                 (3mks)

ii) Outline the significance of weather forecasting.                                          (4mks)

6. a) Name the four main zones of the atmosphere                                           (4mks)

b) Differentiate between negative, positive and zero lapse rate.                    (3mks)

c) What is the ozone layer?                                                                                  (2mks)


d) What is its importance to man?                                                                    (2mks)

7. aThe table below shows rain fall and temperature in town x use it to answer the questions that follow

Temp °C232426282928262626302825
Rainfall mm30311850072040830070150


i)          The total annual rainfall                                                                           (2mks)

ii)        The mean monthly rainfall                                                                      (2mks)

iii)  The annual range of temperature                                                                 (2mks)

iv The mean annual temperature                                                                     (2mks)

b. Using the table indicate the following

i)The wettest month                                                                                               (1mks)

ii)The hottest month                                                                                                (1mk)

iii)The coolest month                                                                                                (1mk)

8. a) Define the term Earth movements                                                                 (1mk)

b)Formation of internal or External land forms by tectonic forces is determined by the following                                                                                                      (3mks)

            c) List down two types of earth movements                                                  (2mks)

            9. a) Give two causes of earth movements                                                        (2mks)


            b) List down three evidences supporting continental drift theory                (3mks)

c) List down three types of boundaries associated with plate tectonic movements                                                                                                                                    (3mks)

10 a) Define the term folding                                                                                  (1mk)

b) Briefly explain the process of folding                                                             (3mks)

            c) List down two different types of folds                                                           (2mks)

            d) List down three features resulting from folding                                          (3mks)

            c) Fill in the gaps below                                                                                        (5mks)

            Fold Mountain                                 where found

Atlas                                                   ________________

___________________                      Europe

________________                            Asia

Andes                                                 _________________

________________                            North America

            f) Give three significances of folding to human activities                            (3mks)

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