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Easy way to pass mathematics

Today, mathematics has become a major subject requirement for many courses. Most university courses require maths and almost every profession today applies maths knowledge.Many students miss some of these opportunities when they fail to deal with some of their struggles in maths early. Here are some tips we can apply to enhance masterly in maths

  1. Having the right mindset and right attitude towards mathematics.First, have it in mind that MATHS IS NOT HARD. There are many topics that one can understand in maths if only a positive change of attitude is realised.Hearing others say maths is hard does not mean it is the same with you. What about paying attention to the words of those who always pass maths. If many have passed maths in the past, then it’s possible for you in the present. Only have a positive attitude.Believe you can do it. Put effort and determination offcourse working smart.
  2. Have all maths tools required for effective maths revision. There are major maths tools which it’s a must have. (a) Geometrical set. (b) KNEC mathematics log tables (c) scientific calculator (d) maths revision book for any extra work. Having revision textbooks is also important but avoid reading the answers. Maths require working sums out rather than reading like a novel.
  3. Be equipped with maths concepts and maths formulas. Know how to apply them. Some formulas are written in maths log table. In your revision book, write all the formulas and keep applying and refering to them. Units in maths is also key to passing mathematics. Master them inorder to enhance consistence in solving maths.
  4. Practice everyday. “Practice,practice makes perfect” things become easy when done severally. Keep practicing doing maths. Practice all types of questions.Never fear doing any question. Every area is important. In your practice try to explore and unlock the hidden trick in a question. Make it a habit to read the question clearly to understand the instruction given. Always remember, 5 sums a day keep poor grade away.
  5. Embrace group discussion. Two are better than one. Look for a person who best understand the question at hand. After discussion, repeat the question, it will help you understand the concept further. After learning the concept well, try to teach others inorder to understand deeper.
  6. Avoid a distractive environment when doing maths. Evertime you start a sum, make sure you finish it . SUCCESS IN MATHS IS POSSIBLE
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