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Download Form One Mathematics Exams

We have free Maths exams for f1- Form 1 term 1,2,3. These Mathematics Exams cover form one work in the syllabus. Download any of the exams here for free. Click this link to download questions in Ms Word (.docx, not .pdf) exams which you can edit to set completely fresh exams for students. Form one Mid Term, Opener and CAT Exam is now easy to download here. Use these new F1 Mathematics 2021 exams questions to revise.

Mathematics exams in form 1 cover all topics in the syllabus. These exams are comprehensive:

List of Form One Maths Topics in Exams for Term 1- 3

• Natural Numbers
• Factors
• Divisibility Tests
• Greatest Common Divisor (Gcd)
• Least Common Multiple
• Integers
• Fractions
• Decimals
• Square And Squre Roots
• Algebraic Expression
• Rates, Ratio, Proportion And Percentage
• Length
• Area
• Volume And Capacity
• Masss Weight And Density
• Time
• Linear Equations
• Commercial Arithmetic
• Coordinates And Graphs
• Angles And Plane Figures
• Geometric Constructions
• Scale Drawing
• Common Solids
• Cubes And Cube Roots
• Reciprocals
• Indices And Logarithms
• Gradient And Equations Of Straight Lines
• Reflection And Congruence
• Rotation
• Similarity And Enlargement
• The Pythagora’s Theorem
• Trigonometric Ratios
• Area Of A Triangle
• Area Of Quadrilaterals
• Area Part Of A Circle
• Surface Area Of Solids
• Volume Of Solids

How to Pass Mathematics Form One -Using Question Papers

The majority of Maths revision is done through past paper and textbook questions you can find and sort Maths questions together in different and then doing blocks of these questions.

Read your notes on a specific topic and go through amany questions on that topic. You’ll quickly see similarities between questions and this really helps to ensure you know a topic.

Mathematics Past Papers under Timed Conditions

You can do lots of questions using past papers as part of your Maths revision, but but sometime you consume too much time.

Try timing yourself when working on past papers to see how long it takes you to complete each paper. Try to finish papers within the time limit given in exams.

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