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1.ALways have something to do. Never allow people to do everything for you.Your participation helps you gain confidence. Face realities of life by engaging in activities that builds you. Even if you have thousand servants to do the work for you, remember, being part of the work brings honour.

2. Be useful. Your impact should be felt positively wherever you are. Do something that adds value. Always make yourself relevant.

3. Take good care of your body and the environment. Clean your body regularly. Smell well. Dress well. Exercise regulary to keep fit and fresh. Keep your surroundings friendly.

4. Train yourself to turn down offers that may ruin your life. Say no even if the offers come from people you know. Saying No when necessary,it’s a yes to you. A yes to your emotion. It is a sign that you respect yourself.

5. Always present yourself well. You are the window through which the world sees your family.Present your parents well through your behaviour. Create your value. Set higher goals. Work towards the goals. Focus ahead.

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