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Easy Way to Make Money: Teachers’ Best side Hustles 2022

As a teacher, having a feeling that what you earn is enough is not okey. There are lots of things which require finances beyond your earnings. Being able to provide your basic needs is not enough. Life needs are many of which your pay alone can’t fulfill all. A side hustle will do wonders in boosting your income and improving your standard of living. There are many part time opportunities a teacher can exploit based on their schedule and skills. This site will discuss several ideas and side hustles teachers can exploit in order to make extra cash.

 Let’s us explore this first;

Benefits of a Side hustles

  1. Your extra time is well spent in making extra cash. If you value your time then you understand how a side hustle can make a difference in your present salary.
  2. Preparation for your future retirement. Side hustles will earn you some cash which you can save for your retirement. Other side hustles may end up becoming a life at time permanent source of income and so a best business to do after retirement.
  3. Side hustles grows your wealth. Financial freedom is a goal for every teacher; therefore, a side hustle may help you grow your wealth. The amount obtained in the side hustle can be used to invest in areas that can more income in future. Such areas are; investing in real estates, starting a blog among others.
  4. Helps pay financial debts. Income from the side hustles lighten the burden of debts. Loans reduces the net pay leaving the teacher with minimal to spend. A side hustles will help a teacher clear the loan fast and have a financial freedom
  5. Enhances your fun moments. Some teachers are unhappy with their job. Some landed in the teaching professional due to lack of option. This is an option for you, where you can make money by doing what you love and improve your happiness.

List of Teachers Best Side Hustles in Kenya

1. Being a Freelance Tutor

Freelancing involves offering your service outside to individuals who have not employed you. As a teacher you are an expert in that field, therefore you can do it as a side hustle without struggle.

There are so many people who are willing to learn from you as an expert. You can offer private tutorial during your extra time. Being a freelance tutor, you are paid for doing the work which you love. You are also in control of the hours you teach and the amount to charge every hour. In this side hustle you have your schedule under control in that you can decide when to work and when to take a break.

 2. Start a Blog as a Side Hustle business

Access to information has been made easy by technology. People are looking for information online concerning all aspects of life. Every information is vital when put down since there are people who are waiting to get it. Starting a blog will help you share your personal thoughts and give important tips on a certain area. Being a teacher means you are an expert in your area; therefore, you can create the content, post in your blog and monetize the content. You can monetize your blog by; using AdSense, offer advertising space for businesses, you can sell your products and services like online courses and start affiliate marketing by which you will promote other people product in order to earn commission on any sales made.

This being an opportunity to make cash, it requires some commitment, passion and consistency.  These three aspects enable you grow your traffic as your readers will keep coming back for more contents.

3. Doing Online Tutorials as a Side Hustle

This is imparting knowledge to learners over the internet on a certain subject. There are so many people who are in need of your skills. It is necessary then to develop a tutorial coaching that you can be paid for. In addition, you can develop an online course that the learners can access any time. You can also host those online courses with platforms such as Teachable or Udemy in order to improve your skills. You can also put the course into a downloadable book that you can sell online.

4. Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money

YouTube has become a second popular search engine in the world. With its popularity, then it is one of the best places too advertise your side hustle. Read on how to make money on YouTube. Once you create your tutorial videos, post them in your YouTube channel. Posting more and quality videos will attract several viewers and advertiser. You can earn money by promoting your own products, signing up for the YouTube Partner Program and also get paid for advertising other people products.

5. Make and Sell Lesson Plan

Lesson plan are a requirement in the teaching profession. Creating a lesson plan may be hectic to most teachers. You can therefore make different types of lesson plan and offer them at a fee

You can also prepare a lesson plan book with which you can offer at fair prices to new teachers and those who may want to learn how to make them. You can diversify your work by making a book with lesson plans for all levels of education like primary, secondary and tertiary level. Off course this require some research and commitment to deliver the best in the market. Doing the best increases customers from your school and also from referrals.

6. Make and Sell Revision Materials

Putting the revision together for most teachers may be hectic. Most teachers are not willing to invest in writing them. They are left in the hands of individuals who are not teachers but just looking for cash. Organized materials are on high demand even if they are offered at a fee. You can gather materials based on the subject and topics and offer them at a fee. Being an expert also in your area, you can write course materials by putting them together then offer them to students and teachers at fee. Putting concept that students can easily memorize during exam may increase the demand for your work.

7. Personalized Students’ Tuition

Most parents wish to have their parents during the holiday. It is then a good opportunity to make cash during the holiday. you can have at least three hours per day of doing personalized tuition and the rest of the hours can be used in other side hustles.  

Let’s do this calculation;

Assuming you have five students whom you charge ksh 1000 per hour. If you teach every student for two hours per day then that is ksh 10000. Assuming you give the tuition for one week that amounts to ksh 50,000, then for three weeks that will be ksh150,000. A good side hustle indeed. This is indeed possible during the long holiday. You can also extend the personalized tuition to day school students during school day.

8. Be a Motivational Speaker or a Counsellor.

if you can easily motivate students by your words, then this is a side hustle for you. You can capitalize your talents by becoming a motivational speaker for young people. During school days you can be invited in schools to give motivational speeches and you are paid for it. During the holiday, you can attend youth gathering for counselling and motivation for a fee. it is easy way of earning cash since you don’t need to prepare a lot. You need to offer an impressive speech and then you are paid for. You can post such motivational speeches online in your YouTube and earn some cash.

9. Use Your Car to Make Money

Owning a car is a good thing but if not utilized maximumly may become a liability. If you have one you can use it to facilitate your going to school instead of paying bus fare. You can also facilitate the movement of other teachers in your school at a fee. You can rent it to people you know and trust.

10. Saving on your Expenses

How does saving become a side hustle? How do we save on expenses?

Saving on our expenses do not mean we omit some of our needs. We save through engaging in activities that will enable us acquire the same services at cheaper price. For example, you can have a kitchen garden producing vegetables at a cheaper cost rather than obtaining from the market. Instead of buying eggs, you can rear some hens that can produce eggs.

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