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CRE topical Questions and Answers-Christian approaches to wealth, money ad poverty

1.         five ways in which Christians can use their wealth to glorify God.

  • Contributing funds for the work of the church
  • Providing land for construction of churches
  • Sharing their resource with others
  • Provide charitable services
  • Paying tithes and church dues
  • Catering for the upkeep of church leaders
  • Providing medical service                                   

2.         Four ways in which introduction of money economy has changed the African traditional understanding of bride wealth                                                                       

i) Bride wealth has became individualized

ii) It has been commercialized

iii) It is paid in cash rather than animals

iv) It is today subject to the lady’s status and inflation

v) Girls have become an investment to their parents

            vi) It dehumanizes the girls

vii) Used to exploit men by the girls family

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