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1.         Basis of Christian Ethics:-                                                                             

  • Christians refer to the Bible for guidance in their actions/the moral choices they make in life
  • The conscience provides guidance on choices made
  • Jesus’ teachings guide Christians when making decisions that involve moral judgement
  • Church community provides guidance to one’s moral choices
  • A Christian’s faith in God determines one’s behavour
  • Church rituals are a source of Christian ethics.
  • Positive African cultural values have been incorporated into Christian teachings thus guiding people’s behaviour
  • Christians derive ethics from authoritative Christians literature
  • Secular state law found in a country’s constitution provides guidance on the behaviour of its citizens
  • As God reveals Himself to Christians he guides Christians on how they should behave
  • Natural law- where one has the awareness to choose well and avoid evil
  • Situation ethics provide a source for Christian ethics as the situation one finds himself/herself in determines the course of action                                        (6×1 = 6mks)

2.         the basis of Christians ethics.                                                                                    

            – The bible offers answers to questions related to life of a Christian.

            – The conscience tells people whether it is worthwhile to do or not to do something.

            – Faith in God – one tries to live in making decisions.

            – Church community – gives to live in making decisions.

            – Church community – gives guidance on moral behaviour.

            – Rituals such as baptism, marriage and vows are taken for one to lead a pleasing life in God.

3.         five basis  of Christians ethics                                                                      

  • Natural law
  • Situation ethics
  • Sacred scripture(bible)
  • Human reason  and  experience
  • Christians community

4.         The basis of Christian ethics?                                                                        

  • The bible and sacred scriptures.
  • The human conscience( reason and experience)
  • Teaching faith in God
  • Teaching  of Jesus Christ.
  • The church or Christian community.
  • The church rituals
  • Traditional African culture and morality.
  • Authoritative Christian literature.
  • Secular state laws
  • God’s revelation.
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