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CRE Topical Questions and Answers- Christian approach to, sexuality, marriage and family.

1.          (a) Effects of irresponsible sexual behaviours are:-

  • Promotes the spread of STI’s
  • Increase mental disorders
  • Incase of single parenthood
  • May lead to unwanted pregnancy and eventually abortion
  • May cause death if disease is not curable
  • Leads to disagreements
  • Leads to divorce/separation if practiced in marriage                                          (6×1=6mks)

(b) Christians demonstrate responsible parenthood by:-

  • Understanding parental roles/responsibilities; husbands are expected to play their role as fathers of their children
  • Educating children n all aspects of life
  • Reaching/training children n religious matters
  • Helping their children to grow physically/socially/psychologically and emotionally
  • Helping children to develop intellectually by providing opportunities for them to learn
  • Teaching morals/right behaviour to their children
  • Teaching children how to relate to one another as brother and sisters among other relatives
  • Teaching them social and civic responsibilities
  • Being hardworking so that they are able to provide for the needs of their families
  • Parents should also remember not to discriminate against any of their children
  • Showing understanding /tolerance to their children                   

2.         (a)Why traditional families were encouraged to have many children.

            – Many children are regarded as a sign of wealth.

            – Many children are an economic asset as they provide labour, e.g in the farms.

            – Many children are source of prestige or recognition in the society.

            – Many children especially girls bring more wealth to the family through bride wealth.

            – Many sons are a source of security to the family as they provide warriors.

            – Sons inherit their father’s property especially land.

            – Many children take care of their parents in old

            – Children ensure the perpetuation of a family and community life.

            – Many children are viewed as a sign of blessings from God, it shows one is at peace with God

   and ancestral spirits.

– To give the family security in case some children die due to epidemics and other   

   uncontrollable  circumstances.

– Many children were a source of happiness and fulfillment in marriage.                (8 x 1 = 8 mks)

(b)Give reasons why divorce is discouraged in Christian marriages.

            – It undermines  original purpose of marriage in the creation account where it’s  intended to be


  • Its sacred – God’s gift to human beings hence must be permanent.
  • It’s a symbol of Christ and his church. So it a sacred union intended to honour and glorify God.
  • It brings insecurity to the children by disrupting family life, the basic unit of society.
  • It creates tension and bitterness between the parties involved due to feeling of humiliation, betrayed and distrust.
  • Marriage is a total surrender of one partner to the other but divorce implies taking away what one has surrendered to the other separating what God has put together.
  • Jesus’ and Paul’s teachings show that they disapprove of divorce.
  • Jesus said the Mosaic Law allowed divorce because of human weaknesses. He maintained that what God put together, let no man put asunder.          

3.         a) Christian teaching on human sexuality                                                                            

  1. God created both male and female
  2. Created the two for companionship
  3. Both share in the image of God
  4. Both become one in marriage
  5. Sexual intercourse is sacred and life giving
  6. Both play complimentary roles
  7. Human beings have the ability to control their sexual desires                                        

b) Factors that have led Kenyans to remain unmarried today

  1. Too demanding careers e.g. armed forces, sea captains
  2. Fear of responsibility
  3. Physical defeats e.g. impotence/ HIV / AIDS
  4. Low income/ unemployment/ economic constraints
  5. Desire to pursue education/ research
  6. Some prefer single parenthood
  7. Failure to find suitable partner for marriage
  8. Some men fear highly educated women
  9. Exploitative/ commercialized dowry- feared by men
  10. Lack of guidance and counseling on the importance of marriage institution
  11. Disappointing previous relations e.g. broken engagement lead to mistrust
  12. Traumatic life experiences e.g. rape, incest may discourage girls from getting married

c) Christian view on abortion

  1. It is equated to murder which is forbidden by God (Exodus 20:13)
  2. Life is sacred / it belongs to God
  3. No one has a right to destroy life. It is God who gives/ it is him who takes it away
  4. The church has responsibility to provide counseling the victim of abortion so as to overcome depression
  5. Some churches allow abortion if the life of the mother is  danger                      

4.         a) Christian understanding of family                                                             

  1. Ordained by God
    1. Monogamous
    1. Complete with or without children
    1. It is the basic unit of a community
    1. Headed by husbands
    1. Divorce is discouraged
    1. Husband and wife play complementary while as partners
    1. Nuclear
  • (a)  seven reasons why pre-marital pregnancies were rare in Traditional African


  • The children born out of wedlock/marriage were killed
  • The children born out of marriages were abandoned
  • Virginity was highly valued in some communities
  • There were established separate activities for boys and girls
  • Sex offenders fired/punished
  • Adults especially elders, acted as role models
  • Early marriages were recounted to control the urge of sex
  • Girls who got pregnant were forced to marry old men /became second wives
  • Sex education was given to the youth from an early age to guide and counsel them
  • Leisure activities involving boys and girls were supervised by elders
  • Some communities practiced female circumcision                                  

(b) seven causes of prostitution in Kenya today                                            

  • Drunkard ness and drug abuse
  • Peer influence
  • Inadequate role models
  • Idleness/lack of employment
  • Urbanization
  • Poverty
  • Irresponsible parenting
  • Loss of traditional values leading to permissiveness
  • Long separation of spouse or divorce
  • Lack of guidance and counseling
  • Sickness/ill health of one partner
  • Negative foreign influence of contraceptives
  • Lack of self control
  • Desire for money
  • Influence of mass media/pornography                                         

            (c) six ways in which Christian youths can deal with the temptation of having  before marriage                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Use the power of prayer to overcome temptation
  • Avoid staying alone especially in the dark with a person of opposite sex
  • Go for guidance and counseling from church leaders
  • Choosing the right friends
  • Choosing right leisure activities
  • Reading the bible for enlightenment and encouragement
  • Read literature on human sexuality to remove ignorance
  • Obeying God’s command of keeping ones body pure until marriage
  • Avoiding arousing each other e.g. kissing
  • Always dressing decently
  • Avoiding watching pornography                                     

6.         a) Eight causes of single parenthood (8mks)

  • death  of spouse
  • divorce
  • separation
  • profession   that  require  too  much attention
  • unfulfilled  family  expectation/financial  constraints
  • health problems
  • infidelity/unfaithfulness
  • rape cases
  • affirmative action/parity
  • children  got   out f wedlock
  • imprisonment  for along  period of  time

b) seven reasons why the Christians church is against abortion

  • life  is  sacred  and  belongs to God
  • abortion endangers the lie of the mother
  • abortion denies  the  unborn baby  the tight  to life
  • abortion  is a  misuse  of the  gift of sex  and  violate  the sanctity  of  human  life
  • abortion  will be turned into  trade  by  methical doctors
  • may  lead to regrets  and  psychological  torture
  • may  lead  to  permanent sterility

7.         (a) Christian teachings on human are;-                                                                                

  • Human sexuality originates from God/God created both male and female
  • Man and woman were created for companionship
  • Male and female complements each other in their reproductive functions
  • Sexual intercourse is sacred/ it is a gift from God
  • Virginity is highly valued
  • Both male and female are created in the image of God
  • The union of male and female is consummated in marriage/man and woman became one in marriage
  • Male and female should live in harmony by respecting each other /should regard each other as equal
  • Male and female should procreate/fulfill God’s command to multiply
  • Sexual deviation is condemned e.g. homosexuality/lesbianism/ adultery, sodomy

(b) Six reasons why pre-marital sex was rare in the Traditional African Communities are:

  • Early marriages were arranged to control sexual urge
  • Some communities practiced female circumcision
  • Free mixing of boys and girls
  • Virginity was highly valued
  • There were established separate activities for boys and girls
  • sex offenders punished/fined
  • Adults especially elders acted as role models
  • Girls who got pregnant before marriage were forced to marry old men (6×1=6mk)

(c) Seven factors that undermine marriage in Kenya today are:

  • Failed marriages/poor role models
  • Infidelity/unfaithfulness
  • Commercialization of bride-price
  • Western influence/culture
  • Demanding careers
  • Western education/formal education
  • Substance abuse
  • Presence of HIV/AIDS pandemic

8.          Seven Christian teachings on the family.

  1. Instituted by God through marriage.
  2. Monogamous.
  3. Related by blood, marriage/adoption.
  4. Man is head.
  5. Takes care and upkeep of  orphans widows.
  6. Offers emotional support/security to the children n.
  7. Governed by principles of love and respect
  8. Complete with/without children.
  9. Parents have a duty to introduce their children to worship of God.
  10. Children have to obey their parents/Respect.

Husband/wife play complementary roles.   

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