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TSC Teachers Wealth Declaration 2019 Tutorial

Teachers in Kenya, just like all government officers are required to declare their wealth every 2 years. This is in accordance with The Public Officer Ethics Act, 2003 on Declaration of Income, Assets And Liabilities. Here’s the tutorial on how to do it.


  1. Mobile phone number.
  2. Email address
  3. TSC Number.
  4. Witness’s Name, Address and ID Number.

Step 1: Login

Log into the teachers online portal at

Enter your TSC number and password. (It could be your National ID number). In case you have forgotten your password, there’s a system to remind you through mobile phone.

Step 2: Declare Basic Information

The second step is to verify and update information that is already in the TSC website. This includes your current contact details. I, however, realized you can’t edit email address or phone number.

Step 3: Declare your Wealth

Here there are 3 tabs: Income, Assets, Liabilities.

I’ve noted that when you click a tab, you give it some time to load.

Tab 1: Income. Here methinks that you multiply your monthly salary by 24 as it is a two – year declaration. Which salary? Gross? Net? After Tax? Here I have no clue. But I think the bigger the salary you declare the better (for who?) Ensure you click Save before you click Next. Again, the website takes some time to think whether you have clicked the save button or not. If you have more than one source of income, add.

Tab 2: Assets. You bought a 50×100 plot in a remote place, didn’t you? This is your tab. Declare all of them so in future we won’t have to ask how fast you have become rich.

Tab 3: Liabilities. All those bothersome bills like rent have their place in this tab. simply get your monthly costs and multiply by 24.

Step 4: Declare Dependants

a) Enter details about your spouse(s) and Dependants. Click on the Save button to save the details of each. One can capture as many dependants as there are by repeating the same process.

b)You can declare the depentants’ income by clicking on a link next to each dependant’s name. This is optional.

Step 5: Declare Other Information

Whatever else you feel is important in your wealth declaration, and it is not an asset, liability, income or dependant can be declared here. It is optional, you can just click next.

Step 6: Witness Details, Submit

When you’re sure you’ve captured all the details you need, you enter witness details and submit. By this you will have fulfilled the requirements of The Public Officer Ethics Act, 2003 on Declaration of Income, Assets And Liabilities.

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