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2023/ 2024 Applications for TTC Placement- Diploma Teachers Training Colleges Admissions

Qualification For TTC Placement

Teachers training colleges TTC train professional teachers for Secondary education. TTC and Kenya Universities intakes happen every year for students who have done their KCSE.

Some students are placed by KUCCPS  and others secure their chances through application.

How To Apply Directly to a TTC OF Your Choice

If you are not placed directly to a TTC, you can do the following

Scan and send your KCSE results slip to your preferred TTC. Once  your result slip is received, it will be verified and you will be instructed on how you can get your admission letter.


TTC offers both Diploma in education Science and Diploma in Education arts. The course lasts for 3 Academic years. Below is the latest general Minimum requirements

Mean grade: C+ (plus)

English: C (plain)

Mathematics: D+ (plus) for those taking education arts and C (plain) for those hoping to undertake training in education science.

Two specialization subjects (subjects you intend to teach at high school): C+

Subjects’ Combinations Offered in Teachers Training Colleges

Note that you must have scored a minimum of C+ in each of yur teaching subjects at KCSE

  1. Mathematics/Geography
  2. Mathematics/Business Studies
  3. Geography/Business Studies
  4. Geography/History
  5. Kiswahili/CRE
  6. Kiswahili/History
  7. Kiswahili/Geography
  8. English/CRE
  9. English/History
  10. English/Geography
  11. CRE/History
  12. CRE/Geography
  13. Biology/Agriculture
  14. Biology/Mathematics
  15. Computer Studies/Mathematics
  16. Home Science/English
  17. Home science/Geography
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