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IRE KCSE Questions and Answers

1. Discuss The Contribution of ‘IBN KHALDUN’.

Contribution of Ibn Khaldun.

  1. Wrote books eg Almuqaddimah
  2. Served many states
  3. Lecturer Azhar University
  4. Produced notable students
  5. Became the Chief Qadhi of Egypt
  6. Discovered the branch of knowledge known as sociology 
  7. First to write history of the Berbers of West Africa
  8. He took History as science to determine the future but not merely as past events
  9. He showed that people can continue with their studies while working
  10. He resisted the onslaught by the Timur or Tartar
  11. He spread Islam to many place
  12. He indicated that states or Kingdoms are like human beings, they are born, grow and then die
  13. He gave a clear process how a king is born and dies through five stages

2. Explain the effects of incest in the society

  1. Trauma
  2. Depression
  3. Suicide
  4. Family break down
  5. Medically weak offspring
  6. hatred

3. Give the contribution of Abu Assafa the first Abbasid Caliph.

Contribution of Abu Assafa of the Abbasids.
Founded the Abbasid dynasty
defeated the Umayyad
defeated the opposition
Brought peace in the empire due to his ruthlessness
Expanded the empire
brought law & order in the empire
Abbasids success was built on the foundation he laid

4. Explain Qualities of Shiah Imams.

  1. Ma’sum 
  2. Intelligent 
  3. Wise 
  4. Knowledgeable
  5. Brave 
  6. From the children of Fatmah and Hussein 
  7. Just 
  8. Kind and generous

5. Discuss Three Types of SHIRK.

  1. Shirk Akbar, major, eg worshipping idols
  2. Shirk Asghar, minor, eg Ria or doing acts for show off 
  3. Shirk Khafiy, hidden, eg equating the power of Allah & those of other creatures, statement like: ‘If it were not for Allah and you, I wouldn’t have succeeded’

6. State the Stages of Qiyamah after the second trumpet.

  1. Resurrection
  2. Assembly 
  3. Court of Allah 
  4. Receiving of Books 
  5. Miza’n 
  6. Questions, Answers & witnesses
  7. Judgment 
  8. Reward (Paradise or Hell)

7. States Themes in Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik.

  1. Acts of worship
  2. Relationships
  3. Economic matters
  4. Moral matters
  5. Remembrance of Allah 

8. Features of the Madani Surahs.

  1. Revealed after Hijrah
  2. Long and detailed.
  3. 28 chapters.
  4. Acts of worship.
  5. Condemns hypocrisy
  6. Criminal laws.
  7. Social & moral order.
  8. Economic matters and trade
  9. Political system
  10. Ethics of War 
  11. Spying on others       

9. Explain Seven Reasons Why The Quaran Was Revealed In Portions

  1. Strengthen the heart
  2. Easy memorization
  3. Easy writing
  4. Easy understanding
  5. Gradual application of Shariah
  6. Time and circumstances
  7. to answer questions 

10. Give the importances of Tawheed in the life of a muslim.{7mks}

Give the importancesof Tawheed in the life of a muslim.

  1. Unity of the creator leads to the unity and brotherhood amongst human beings
  2. It liberates man from the worship of false gods
  3. Tawheed establishes direct link between Allah and man.
  4. Tawheed helps Muslims to have unshakable faith in Allah
  5. It exposes the extra qualities and uniqueness of ALLAH
  6. It makes one to have self- respect and trust as he/she will depend solely on Allah.
  7. Tawheed also encourages the acceptance of Allah’s orders without question.
  8. If one believes in Tawheed he/she fears and lives in accordance with the limits set by Allah
  9. Perform wudhoo’ {take ablution}
  10. Pour water over the head three times, massaging the hair to allow the water to reach its roots
  11. Pour water  liberally over the entire body, starting with the right hand side and then the left hand side, ensuring that no part of the body is left untouched by water.
  12. There was a continued hope  for the coming of a messenger with a book that was to unite all mankind.

(7×1=7 marks)

11. Give the ways in which shirk affect muslims. [4mks}

Give the ways in which shirk affect muslims.

  1. Shirk nullifies good deeds
  2. Shirk is aslso the greatest sin that Allah does not forgive without sincere repentance
  3. It makes muslims to direct any act of worship to other than Allah and the reward is sought from creation instead of the Creator
  4. It may also lead to muslims being obedient or obeying creation in opposition to the Creator
  5. Shirk enables the muslims to direct  their prayers or supplications/du’ah to other than Allah e.g the dead etc
  6. Shirk also makes muslims to associate partners with Allah in His divine law or rather ruling by a mixture of Allah’s laws and manmade laws

(4×1=4 marks)

12. Give six characteristics of Angels.[4mks}

Give six characteristics of Angels.

  1. They are neither male nor female
  2. They neither eat nor drink
  3. They never sleep
  4. They are created from nur
  5. They are invisible by ordinary human beings
  6. They are able to change into any form
  7.  They are always obedient to Allah
  8. They neither marry nor beget


13. Give two differences between shahada and tashahud.{2mks}

Give two differences between shahada and tashahud.

  • Shahada is a pillar of Islam while tashahudis  a pillar of salat
  • Shahada contains only a declaration while tashahud contains not only the declaration but also a supplication {du’ah} for the Prophhet {saw}

(2×1=2 marks)

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