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2021/2022 KCSE English Paper 1 Functional Writing Marking Scheme

KNEC 2021 KCSE English Paper 1 (101/1) Functional writing wa a report. Here’s the question and suggested marking scheme.

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Imagine you are the student leader in charge of games and clubs activities in your school. There has been a decline in student’s participation in these activites. The principal has appointed you the chairperson of a committee to investigate the causes of the problem.

Write the report, giving recommendations on what should be done to address this problem. (20mks)

KCSE 2021 English paper 1 Suggested Marking Scheme::: Not Official

  FORMAT                                                                              (6MKS)

  • Title (A Report on the Decline in Participation in Games at Bidii Secondary School (1mk)
  • Introduction                                                                          (1/2mk)
  • Members of the Committee (1/2 Mks)
  • Methods of Data Collection                                                    (1mk)
  • Findings                                                                                 (1mk)
  • Conclusions                                                  (1/2mk)
  • Recommendations                                                               (1/2mk)
  • Report compiled by , signature and name          (1mk)

CONTENT                                                                           (8MKS)

  • Who commissioned the report/why?                              (1mk)
  • Names of Members in correct order                          (1mk)
  • Methods of gathering data                                            (1mk)
  • Findings – at least two well presented                             (2mks)
  • Summary and conclusion                                                   (1mk)
  • Recommendations – 2- to findings                                                (2mks)

Language (6 mks)

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