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Form 2 CRE End Term 1 Exam with Free Marking Scheme

1.    (a). Why is man considered the climax of God’s creation?                                       (7mks) .

(b). Outline the differences between the Biblical view of sin and the African concept of                               evil.                                                                                                                                       (7mks) .

(c) State Six ways in which the teaching of C.R.E. promotes international consciousness.          (a) Describe the call of the first disciples of Jesus                                                       (7mks) . (b) Name eight duties of Jesus’ disciples                                                                         (8mks) .

(c)  Give five lessons a Christian can learn from the call of the first   disciples         (5mks) .

2.   (a) Explain the problems that  Moses  faced as he led the Israelites                           (8mks) .

(b)What conditions did God expects the Israelites to fulfill; with the renewal of the     covenant                                                                                                                               (7mks) .

(c ) Identify  any five values a modern Christian leader would learn from the call of    Moses                                                                                                                               (5mks) .

3.   (a)Outline seven prophesies made by Prophet Nathan concerning the messiah.     (7mks) .

(b) Describe the events that led to the singing of the Benedictus.                              (7mks) .

(c) What lessons do Christians learn from teachings of John the Baptist?                     (6mks)

4.   (a)  Explain FOUR ways in which traditional African Communities used the environment to demonstrate their belief in God.                                                           (8mks) . (b) With reference to African Traditional communities, outline factors that promote  

         harmony and  mutual responsibility                                                                      (7mks) . (c) State the Traditional African Practices that Lower the dignity of women today. 

CRE Form Two End term 1 Past Paper Questions and Answers

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