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Form 1 CRE Exam Papers and Marking Scheme End Term 1

1.            (a) From Genesis stories of creation, outline seven teachings about human beings. (7mks)

(b) Outline the differences in the two accounts of creation in Genesis 1 and 2.         (8mks)

(c)  How do Christians take care for God’s creation today?                     (5mks) ..

2.            (a) Give six reasons why the bible is referred to as a library.           (6mks)

(b)  Identify eight effects of translation of the Bible into African Local Languages(8mks)

(c)  Explain why some Christians find it difficult to read the Bible(6mks) .

3.            (a) Identify six ways in which Abraham expressed his faith in God.                    (6mks) ..

(b) State eight promises that God made to Abraham in Haran and Canaan.(8mks) ..

(c) Give six reasons why Christians should forgive.                                     (6mks)

4.            (a) Outline Six ways in which the Bible is used to spread the Gospel.      (6mks) ..

(b) State Seven consequences of sin according to Genesis chapters 3-11.(7mks) ..

(c) State seven teachings about man from the Genesis stories of creation (7mks) ..

5.            (a) Explain eight benefits of learning Christian Religious Education in secondary

      schools.                                                                                         (8mks) ..

(b) With reference to the creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2, mention six teachings about

      marriage.                                                                                                               (6mks)

(c) Identify six literary forms used in writing of the bible.                                                 (6mks)

CRE Form One Questions and Answers 

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