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Form 1 English Exam Papers with Marking Scheme End Term 1

1.   Form One English Term 1 FUNCTIONAL WRITING.

Write a story about something that happened in your life that you will never forget.          (20 MKS)

CLOZE TEST                                                                                                                 (10MKS)

Once long ago a spider invited rabbit to 1 him to heaven 2negotiate his marriage. On the way, at the rabbit’s suggestion, it 3 agreed that of the hospitality offered the two friends in heavens all that professed by 4 best towers to be for guests would go to the rabbit 5. that for suitors would go to the spider. When they 6. . in the evening, tired after the long journey, chairs 7 brought 8.the visitors The rabbit sat on the chairs, placing 9.legs and arms on the extra ones. It was, only after waiting that a chair was brought for the suitor. When water was brought for washing their feet, the rabbit behaved in a similar manner and he did the 10. with the food brought. He ate all the best food and soiled the rest.

3. Form One English Term 1 ORAL SKILLS             (15 MKS

                    (a) For each of the following words, provide another similar pronunciation.(10mks)                       

i)          Pull-  

ii)        Site-

iii)       Rite-  

iv)       Road-

v)         Blew-

vi)       Wet –

vii)      Soar –

viii)     Would –

ix)        Tied –

x)         One –  

b) From the following list, write down five pairs of words whose pronunciations are similar            (5mks)                      

Abattoir         well                coup

Rattle              kettle              hail

Nose               coo                  cape

Hale                tour                 whale

Gape               meteor            noise                                                                          

Cattle              knows            cap

2.   Form One English Term 1 Comprehension

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:                                       (20marks)

Ferret is a small mammal belonging to the Weasei family. Ferrets have long, slim bodies and short legs. There are two types of ferrets, Mustela faro, and the black-footed ferret, Mustela nigripes. Baby ferrets are called kits. If frightened; these animals can discharge a strong smelling fluid from their scent glands under their tails.

The domestic ferret is often kept as a pet. It was originally bred in ancient times to hunt rats and rabbits, but today it is rarely used. It is a descendant of the European pole cat, which was once found through out Europe. They vary in colour from nearly white to nearly black. However, most of them have creamy-coloured fur with dark hair tips, feet and tail and a ‘mask’ of dark fur around the eyes. Although many owners have the scent glands of their pet terrets removed, the animals still have a musky odour from other skin glands.

The black-footed ferret is native to Western North America. It resembles the domestic ferret, but is slightly darker. Their fur is dull yellow that is slightly darker on the backside. Their feet, tail tips are black, and have black fur around the eyes. The black – footed ferret is usually found on short grass in close association with prairie dogs, which constitute most of its diet. In addition to feeding on prairie dogs, the ferret spends most of its time underground in Prairie dog burrows, typically spending only a few minutes above the ground each day.

In burrows, it sleeps, catches its food, avoids predators and harsh weather, and gives birth to its young. It is secretive and primarily nocturnal. The ferret’s long slender body allows it to slip down burrows to find its prey while they sleep. This reduces the ferret’s risk of injury when attacking prey the same size as itself.

The black-footed ferret originally occurred in the Great plains from Alberta and Saskatchewan;’ Canada to Texasi Arizona, U.S.A. Classified as endangered, scientists once thought black-footed ferrets were extinct, until 1981, when a population of more than 125 black- footed ferrets were discovered in Wyoming.

Sadly, over the next several years, many of them died of distemper and this prompted the scientists who were now getting concerned that the whole population would die from the disease, thus the remaining animals were captured. Since hen, scientists have been breeding the ferrets in captivity.

Adapted from The Black-Footed Ferret by Mworia Muchina, Daily Nation, September, 13th, 2007)

             (a) How does the ferret find its find its prey?                                                                (2mks)

            (b) Why does the ferret like burrows?                                                                              (4mks)

(c)  In about 70 words, give the contrasting features of the domestic and the black-footed                 ferret?                                                                                                                                                 (5Mks)

d) What was the cause of the black-footed ferrets almost becoming extinct?            (3mks)

(e) Rewrite the following sentence in the passive voice:-                                                                    

                (i) If frightened, these animals can discharge a strong smelling fluid from their scent glands under their tails.                                                                                                                              (1mk)

(f) Why do black-footed ferrets prefer staying in short grass and underground?                (2mks)

(g) Give the meaning of the following words as used in the passage:                        (3mks)

                        (i) Discharge.

                        (ii) Odour.

                        (iii) Nocturnal.

3.   Term One Form One English GRAMMAR

a)   Choose the correct pronoun from those given in brackets to complete the following sentences.                                                                                                                              (10MKS)

1.   It was he/ him and not she/her) who broke into the teachers locker.

2.   When we asked (they/them) what was wrong (they/them) referred (us/we) to (she/her).

3.   The class teacher is interested in (him/he) alone.

4.   Send (us/we) to the river to fetch some water.

5.   (he/him) decided to go to the market with (her/she)

b).Complete the following sentences using the correct form of verb given in brackets.       (5MKS)

i.    The leading performer was  a scholarship.(give)

ii.   I had already . to mop the floor when the messenger arrived.(begin)

iii. The wind has  away all my clothes from the clothes-line.(blow)

iv.  We have  more than two hundred kilometers today.(drive)

v.   I  had . my choir uniform in the morning.(wear)

c).Complete the following sentences using the correct degree (comparative and superlative) of the adjective given in brackets.                                                                                                            (5MKS)

i.    Missing a lesson is than being punished.(sweet)

ii.   This was the  problem among the students.(common)

iii. Mombasa is a  tourist destination than Nairobi. .(attractive)

iv.  I know I have a . chance now than last time.(good)

v.   I don’t agree that Nankya is  than her room-mate.(pretty)

d).Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the correct alternative from the brackets.                                                                                                                                                                           (5MKS)

i.    Every child . To go to school.(needs/need)

ii.   We normally  a bus to the show.(takes/take)

iii. The elephant does not  Loud noise.(like/likes)

iv.  The chef in the hotel . very nice food.(cook/cooks)

v.   Athletes  their exercise early in the morning.(does/do)

e) Fill in each gap in the following sentences with an appropriate preposition.                  (10MKS)

i.    Gachie was very proud his son’s performance

ii.   He arrived . London at midnight.

iii. Keep your books  your desk.

iv.  The mathematics lesson ends  10.00 A.M

v.   The teacher was angry . the lazy students.

vi.  Do not keep food . the bed.

vii. The students were happy  the good news.

viii.           The orange was shared equally  Njeru and Kimathi.

ix.  The sweets were shared . members of the class.

x.   I travelled to Nakuru  bus.

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