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CRE Topical Questions and Answers-The infancy and Early life of Jesus

1.      (a)Ways in which the youth can be encouraged to practice chastity.

  • Openly discussing issues associated with unchastely.
  • Seminar/workshops to give one another skills.
  • Rewarding the sexually responsible youths who are prime.
  •  Guidance and counseling on reproductive health.
  • Setting good examples.
  • Advising them on the mode of dressing.
  • Advising them to pray and follow God’s commandments.
  • Teach them that sex is only for married people.
  • The bible teaches against adultery, fornication, rape, e.t.c

 (b)Features of a traditional African family.

            – Procreation.

            – Polygamy.

            – Women were sub-ordinate to their husbands.

            – Divorce was rare.

            – Relationship between in-laws were well maintained.

            – Marriage promoted one’s status.

            – Marriage was a covenant relationship and was not to be broken unless there were extreme


2.         a) Ways in which prophecies of Simeon about Jesus was fulfilled

  • Prophecy – Jesus was the chosen one who could uplift and bring salvation to those who were humble e.t.c.
  • Fulfillment – Jesus went to Nazareth at the synagogue and to the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and read to confirm the fulfillment
  • Prophecy – Jesus would be a light to the Gentiles
  • Fulfillment-  Jesus taught that salvation was for all and not Just for Jesus
  • Prophecy – Jesus would bring glory
  • Fulfillment – Through Jesus teaching and miracles which he made to those he ministered to glorify God
  • Prophecy – Jesus would face opposition and this would make him suffer greatly
  • Fulfillment – Jesus faced a lot of opposition from the Pharisees, betrayed, denied and crucified
  • Mention prophecy and fulfillment                                                             (4×2=8 mks)     

b) The lessons learnt by modern Christian from the incident when Jesus was  dedicated

  • We should always thank God for what he has in our lives
  • God has a plan and mission for every child
  • Parents should consecrate their children to God for God’s blessings
  • We should dedicate part of our time to worship God through fasting and prayer
  • We should respect and obey the commandment of God
  • God is always ready to receive us when we go to him
  • God is the source of all blessings                        

3.         a) The events that led to the singing of the Benedicts                                                

  1. Elizabeth gave birth to a son
  2. There was a celebration/ happiness
  3. On the eighth day, the boy was circumcised according to Jewish culture
  4. During the naming, Elizabeth named the boy John
  5. John was not customarily a family name
  6. Zachariah who was dumb gave the same name in writing
  7. Zachariah regained speech
  8. He was filled with the holy spirit and praised God loudly
  9. He sung a song which became known as Benedicts                                            

4.         (a)       four occasions when angels appeared in the book of St. Luke.                     

  • Angels appeared to Zachariah in St. Luke.
  • Angel appeared to Mary to announce conception and the birth of Jesus. Lk 1:26.
  • Angels appeared to the shepherds. Lk 2:9.
  • Angels appeared to Jesus when praying at Mt. Olives Lk 22:43.     

 (b)      five teachings about God found in Mary’s song the magnificent.                 

  • Is holy and his name is holy.
  • Cares for the poor and the needy.
  • Dislikes proud people.
  • Remembers the humble and the lowly.
  • Keeps his promises.
  • Is mighty and wonderful.
  • Is a source of blessing.                                                                       

(c)With reference to occasions when Jesus was taken to the temple what can parents learn

  1. Children belong to God.
  2. Parents should listen to what the church leaders tell them about their children.
  3. Parents should follow laid down rules by their churches.
  4. Parents should teach children Gods word just as Jesus did.
  5. Parents should leave children accompany them to church.
  6. Parents should teach their children to respect church leaders.
  7. Parents should instill confidence in their children to ask church leaders questions/difficulties they have.         

5.         According to the dedication of Jesus to God in Luke 2:21-40                                               KKC

  1. Jesus would save people.
  2. He would bring glory to Israel and praise to God.
  3. He would be light to gentiles.
  4. He would bring judgement to the Israelites.
  5. Many people would oppose /he would suffer for the sake of the world.
  6. He would liberate the Israelites from oppression.
  7. He would cause the rise of and fall of many  in Israel/He would bring judgement to Israelites.

6.      (a)The incident when Elizabeth visited Mary. Lk. 1 : 39 – 56

  1. After angel Gabriel left Mary, she rose and went to her kinswoman Elizabeth in Judah.
  2. She Mary entered the house of Zachariah, she greeted Elizabeth.
  3. When Elizabeth heard the greetings of Mary the baby in her womb leapt.
  4. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit/ she exclaimed that Mary is a blessed woman and the baby in her womb is blessed.
  5. Elizabeth wondered why Mary a blessed woman bearing the Lord in her womb would come to visit her.
  6. Elizabeth said that those who believed in the fulfillment of promises given by God are blessed.
  7. Mary sang the song of the magnificent.
  8. Mary remained with Elizabeth about three months and returned to her home.

(b)Activities which the youth may involve in the church today.

  1. Teaching the Sunday School.
  2. Having Bible study/ Read religious literature.
  3. Preaching / fellowship.
  4. Clearing the church compound/General cleaning.
  5. Community workers/ volunteers.
  6. Having self help projects.
  7. Organize / attend religious sermons.
  8. Construction of the church.

6.         a) The similarities between the magrificat and the Benedictus                                 

  1. Both are songs of praise
  2. Both use words and phrases from the old testament
  3. Both are recited by people from when Angel Gabriel had been sent to
  4. Both songs results from the news about the birth of baby boys
  5. Both songs talk about the fulfillment of the prophecies in the old testament
  6. Both are poetic                                                                                                     

b) Five ways on how a Christian should respond to childlessness                            

  1. Pray to god to bless their marriage
  2. Seek guidance and counseling
  3. Seek medical advice to establish the problem
  4. Remain faithful to each other
  5. Be patient and less
  6. Seek advice from experienced couples with children
  7. Uphold church doctrine on marriage
  8. Adopt children            

7.         a) The role of John the Baptist play in preparing the way for the Messiah              

  1. He announced that the Messiah was about to come and that a new age had dawned/ Messianic era
  2. He urged the Jews to repent and to prepare themselves by living according to God’s law
  3. He baptized those who repented through immersion
  4. He warned the Jews of the coming judgement – which their ancestry from Abraham couldn’t save them from it
  5. He taught on social justice
  6. He rebuked Herod for his immoral behavior
  7. He introduced Jesus to his disciples
  8. He bore witness to Jesus as the lamb of God who takes away sins of the world
  9. He acknowledged that Jesus was greater than him
  10. He baptized Jesus in river Jordan                                                                       

b) From the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, what advice would a Christian give to a

                 childless couple (5 marks)

  1. Should pray to God to bless them with children
  2. Should go for medical check up
  3. Should visit a mature couple for counseling
  4. Should remain sexually faithful to each other
  5. Should patiently wait for a miracle from God not men
  6. Can adopt a child legally

8.         (a) 7 activities that took place following the birth of John the Baptist          

  • Relatives and friends gathered at Elizabeth’s  home.
  • They celebrated the birth of a baby boy.
  • There was giving of gifts and presents.
  • On the eighth day the child was circumcised.
  • There was an argument over the name John for the baby/The mother gave the name John.
  • Zachariah wrote down the name.
  • Zachariah regained his speech.
  • Zachariah praised God for what He had done.
  • The baby was given the name John.
  • Zachariah sang the Benedictus in praise of God.                                   

 (b) A Christian couple respond to the problem of childlessness;

  • They should accept their state
  • They should consult medical experts for advice
  • They should pray to God to help them in their problems
  • They should visit children’s home to offer their services to these needy children
  • They can adopt a child
  • Attend guidance and counseling session on family life education
  • Read literature on childlessness as a way of getting a solution to their problems
  • They should love each other dearly                     

9.         (a)  The seven features of benedictus as revealed by Zachariah

  1. God saving act
  2. God redeems Israel
  3. God keeps premises
  4. Personal knowledge of salvation given
  5. Calls for repentance
  6. Such Salvation way

(b) five reasons why Christians condemn abortion                                                            

  1. Not biblical
  2. It is murder
  3. Life only comes from God
  4. causes death to mother
  5. Traumatisation
  6. Illegal in Kenya
  7. Barrenness
  8. Death
  9. Promote immorality

10.  The qualities of john the Baptist as described by angel Gabriel to Zachariah

  • he  would  drink  no wine
  • he would be a nazarite
  • he would be  a greater prophet like  Elijah
  • he would reconcile  the Israelites  with God
  • he would be  a source  of  joy  to his parents and  other people
  • he would  be  filled with the holy spirit
  • he would  preach repentance  thus  prepare people  for  the  coming  of the  messiah
  • he would  go before  the  promised messiah

11   a) 6 incidents where angels were used by God to communicate his message in St. Luke’s Gospel

  1. God used Angel Gabriel to speak to Zachariah of the Birth of John the Baptist (Lk 1:11-20)
  2. God sent Angel Gabriel to Mary where he spoke of the birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38)
  3. The Angel of the lord announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds (Luke 2: 9-12)
  4. The angels accompany the son of man at his coming in a choir/ host of heavenly angels  singing the hymn of praise to God (Luke 2:13-14)
  5. The angel appears as heavenly court attending to Jesus (Luke 5:10)
  6. Angels carry Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom
  7. Angels are ministers of God’s judgement during second coming of Jesus Christ. (Parousia) and gather the sinners for judgement (Luke 17:34-35)
  8. Angels are seen present at the resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24:23)   

b) Describe the birth of John (Luke 1:57-80)                                                                        

  1. When the time came for Elizabeth to deliver she gave birth to a baby boy
  2. Her neighbours and relatives came and celebrated with Elizabeth and Joseph because God had shown mercy to her
  3. On the eighth day, they came to circumcise the child and would have named him Zachariah
  4. But Elizabeth gave them name John according to the angels announcement
  5. The elders refused and asked Zachariah in a sign form the boys name
  6. Zachariah asked for a writing tablet and wrote “his name is John”
  7. They were all marvelous / surprised
  8. Immediately Zachariah’s dumbness ceased ,regained his speech and rejoiced exceedingly
  9. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and burst into a song called Benedictus. (Song of Joseph) in which he praised God and prophesized about the mission of John

12.       Ways in which Jesus observed the religious practice of the Jews     

  • He was  circumcised  at  8 days according  to  the  Jews culture
  • He  was  dedicated  to God  as a  first born  boy
  • The  respected  the  law  of the  Sabbath and  visited synagogues
  • He attended  the  Passover feast in Jerusalem as a  Jewish annual festivals
  • Jesus lived with  parents  in Nazareth  and was obedient  to them  as  required   by  Jewish  law
  • Jesus was given a name as  required  by  the  Jewish  culture
  • Jesus  fasted  and  prayed in line  with  he  Jewish  way  of  worship

13.       (a) Four roles of John the Baptist as portrayed in the Benedictus                                        

  • John would go before the Lord to prepare the way for Him/ He was the forerunner of the Messiah
  • He would impart /give knowledge of salvation to people
  • He would call people to repentance/forgiveness in order to restore people to God
  • He would give light to those walking in darkness/guide them into path of peace
  • He would be the Prophet of the most high
  • He baptized people in River Jordan
  • He reprimanded Herod for marrying Herodiah
  • He preached the good news of the coming Messiah        

(b) Ways in which the birth of Jesus was going to be extra ordinary were:

  • He was to be born by a virgin woman
  • His birth was announced by the Angel
  • He was to be born in Bethlehem
  • The name was given by the angle
  • The birth was foretold by the prophets
  • Mary was given assurance by the angel
  • The greetings of the angel was unique
  • The message was announced by the Shepherds
  • The shepherds glorified God
  • Many kept everything in her heart           

14.       (a) Simeon and Anna revealed about Jesus during presentation in the

                 temple (Luke 2:25-38) ;                                                                                                    

  • Jesus is the son of God/promised messiah
  • He would save the people of Israel
  • He would bring glory to Israel
  • He would be a universal Saviour
  • He would bring light to the word/gentiles
  • He would bring judgement to the Israelites
  • He would reveal the secret thoughts of many people
  • Many people would oppose his work
  • He would be source of redemption for Jerusalem           

(b) Ways in which Jesus observed the religious practices of the Jews are:

  • Jesus mother underwent purification rituals as required by the law
  • He was circumcised on the 8th day according to the Jewish law
  • he was presented in the temple/dedicated to God at the age of 40years
  • He accompanied his parents to the Temple in Jerusalem during the Passover at the age of 12
  • During circumcision, he was given the name, Jesus the name given by the angel
  • He appointed the 12 disciples who he called the Apostles to represent 12 tribes of Israel
  • He referred the ten lepers to the Priests after cleansing them(Luke 17:14)
  • He celebrated the Passover with His 12 disciples / He celebrated the last supper  

(c) Reasons why children should be involved in the Church activities today are:

  • Children are made in the image of God
  • To follow example of Christ who attended the Temple at 12years
  • To prepare them for future roles as leaders
  • To teach the religious beliefs/practices /commandments
  • To lay foundations of Christians of Christian morals at early age
  • Jesus blessed/appreciated them /taught that that Kingdom of God belongs to them
  • For continued growth of the Church
  • To help develop/improve their talents
  • To enable them socialize with others
  • To enable them spend their leisure responsibly   

15.       (a) Zachariah’s vision in the temple                                                               

  • Zachariah was performing his priestly duty at the temple.
  • He had gone to burn incense inside the temple as other worshippers where praying outside.
  • An angle of God appeared to him standing at the right hand side of the altar.
  • He felt frightened and scared but the angel reassured him that he had good news.
  • He told Zachariah that God had heard his prayers and would bless him with a son to be named John meaning God is gracious.
  • The child will be a joy and delight to Zachariah and many people will rejoice because of his birth.
  • The child will be great in the sight of the Lord.
  • He will never take wine and would be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • He will convert many people back to Christ
  • He will be a forerunner of Christ in the spirit of Elijah.
  • Zachariah could not believe because he was too old to have children and his wife was barren.
  • The angle gave him a sign by making him dumb until the child is born.
  • The people who were waiting outside were wondering why he took long in the temple and when he came out he could not speak to them which made them realize that he had seen a vision.

 (b) John the baptist fulfilled the prophecies of Zachariah in the benedictions by               

  • He was named John which means God is gracious.
  • His birth brought joy and gladness to Zachariah and Elizabeth.
  • He was guided by the spirit of God in his work.
  • He prepared many converts fro Christ.
  • He had the spirit and power like Elijah
  • He prepared the way for Christ though his preaching and teachings
  • He called people to baptism as a sign of repentance.

(c) Lessons Christians learn from the annunciation of the birth of john the Baptist            

  • God answers people prayers and therefore as God for the needs.
  • Christians should not doubt God’s message an commands delivered through as servants.
  • Christian’s couples should be devoted to God in prayers.
  • Children are a gift from God and a joy to their parents
  • God has a purpose for every child’s life.
  • Christians should commit themselves in serving God..
  • Christians should condemn evils in the society
  • Christians should spread the gospel to non- believers so as to convert them t o Christianity
  • Christians should be prepared  for second coming of Christ.

16.       8 Jewish Religious practices observed by Jesus.      

  • Circumcised and named after 8 days as the law required
  • Mary underwent purification after the birth of Jesus
  • Turtles, doves presented at the temple
  • Jesus observed the Sabbath by going to the synagogue
  • At the age of twelve he went to the temple as required by law
  • He attended the Jewish ceremonies
  • He fasted/ prayed
  • Attended Passover feasts

He chose 12 disciples to represent 12 tribes of Israel                                                (8×1=8mks)

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