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CRE Topical Questions and Answers-The Galilean Ministry

1.          (a)Roles of John the Baptist were:-                                                                          

  • John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of the Messiah
  • He was a link between the O.T and the N.
  • He ushered people to the messianic era
  • He acted as the forerunner of Jesus
  • He condemned  King Herod for marrying his brother’s wife
  • Ho bore witness to Jesus as the messiah
  • He baptized Jesus in River Jordan
  • He condemned Pharisees for their hypocrisy
  • He warned that God’s judgement was near for all sinners                      (8 x 1 = 8mks)

 (b)  Jesus chose 12 disciples because;-

  • To train them to be his followers
  • To acquire a new identity
  • To lead others and show them the way to the father
  • To enjoy God’s blessings/protection
  • To continue with his work after His death
  • To assist Him in his mission since the harvest was plenty and the labourers few
  • To spread the Kingdom of God on earth
  • To be the foundation of the Pilgrim church

2.         a) Four similar instructions given by Jesus to both 12 disciples and 72 disciples when He

    sent them out on a mission

  • Go out to spread the gospel
  • Don’t carry anything (clothes/ money/ shoes)
  • To heal the sick
  • Tell them the kingdom of God has come
  • Remove/ shake the dust where they were not welcome
  • Stay in homes where you are welcomed                                                   (4×1=4 mks) 

b) The impact of Jesus miracles in his ministry         

  • Jesus miracles caused amazement
  • People became aware of Jesus authority through miracles
  • Jesus became popular all over Galilee
  • They created conflict between the religious leaders and him
  • Some people came to accept him
  • At times they caused fear in the people e.g. the people of Gerasane begged him to leave
  • They caused losses e.g. the pigs drowned
  • They increased peoples faith in him
  • They restored happiness e.g. raising of Lazarus
  • He met the physical needs of the people e.g. feeding of the five thousand
  • His followers increased  in number                     

3.          Challenges that John the Baptist faced in his ministry

  1. He preached in a harsh environment/ wilderness
  2. He led a life of self-denial sacrifice
  3. The concept of baptism was not well understood
  4. The Jews confused him with the Messiah
  5. He was not sure about who Jesus was
  6. He was imprisoned and later beheaded
  7. He led a lonely life           

4.         a) Six reasons why Jesus was baptized by John in the river Jordan Luke 3:21-22)

  1. To identify himself with sinner.
  2. To be identified by John/confirm John mission.
  3. To fulfill all righteousness.
  4. To be introduced to the public as the Messiah.
  5. To receive the Holy Spirit.
  6. It symbolized His death and resurrection.
  7. To show that he was ready to start his work.
  8. To demonstrate the Holy trinity.

b) Three ways in which the life of John was similar to that of Elijah of Old Testament

  1. He lived in the wilderness like Elijah.
  2. He was God’s prophet similar to Elijah.
  3. He condemned the evils and injustices leaders like Herod like Elijah did  to Ahab.
  4. He was filled by the Holy Spirit like Elijah.
  5. He led a life of fasting like Elijah.
  6. He led a life in the wilderness like Elijah.
  7. He was honour
  8. He was honoured to witness the voice of God during baptism of Jesus the same way Elijah receive the still voice from God on Mt. Sanai.                

5.         (a) 6 reasons why Jesus appointed His twelve disciples.                                          

            (i) It was the manner of the Jews i.e. Elijah and other prophets in the Old Testament

                 had  disciples.

            (ii) Jesus wanted to create in the disciples that would carry on with the work after He would       

                  have gone.

(iii) They were twelve in number signifying the twelve tribes of  Israelites however a new Israel

        who readily to serve God.

(iv) They would act as Jesus companion as Jesus worked amongst the people.

(v) They would care about Jesus i.e. invite them in their houses for supper. e.t.c

(vi) Jesus used them to spread the Gospel i.e the sending of the 12 disciples.

(b) The qualities of a disciple as stated in the sermon on the plain. Lk. 6: 20 – 26.

  1. Perseverance in the face of persecution / those who endure suffering will receive eternal life.
  2. Unwavering faith in Jesus – those who trust in God would receive great reward.
  3. Love for enemies – the spontaneous love of agape so as to look at the good side of the enemies and not the bad side.
  4. Obedience to Jesus teaching so as to accept the Lordship of Christ.
  5. Implements of Jesus’ teachings – the disciples were expected to “bear good fruits”.
  6. They were to be generous – those who have are expected to share with those who do not have.
  7. They were expected to exercise self-criticism i.e. judging others / avoid hypocrisy.
  8. The disciples were to show comparison  to others – to be merciful like God.

(c) 6 reasons why many people still reject the Gospel of Jesus.

  1. Materialism – Love of wealth at the expense of spiritual development.
  2. Corruption which make people mistrust God. i.e. God does not care.
  3. Permissiveness in society – make people loose value systems especially religious values.
  4. Social influence from peer groups.
  5. Mass Media – People spend time listening & watching radio/TV films etc. may influence them negatively.
  6. Confusion due to religious pluralism – some people start wondering which is the true religion / cult.
  7. Religious/ political / social persecution/ suffering/ some loose hope in God.
  8. Sexual immorality/ rape/ homosexuality.
  9. Addiction to drugs i.e. when they have difficulties, they turn to drugs.
  10. Power – Obsession i.e people believe they can manipulate power to get what they want.
  11. Education may lead to arrogance– they believe they know everything.

6.         a)  John the Baptist taught about Jesus;                                                      

  1. Jesus is great/ greater than him
  2. Jesus baptism is of fire and holy spirit
  3. Jesus will bring salvation of God i.e. he will be the saviour
  4. He will proclaim God’s judgement
  5. He will punish sinners and reward the righteous
  6. Jesus is the Messiah/ God’s anointed one
  7. Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of humanity
  8.  Jesus Christ will lead the new community of believers i.e. life in the bride groom
  9. He was sent by God/ God’s messenger
  10. Jesus will be filled by the holy spirit
  11. Jesus is loved by God/ he is the beloved son of God                               

b) Reasons why Jesus was tempted

  1. To test his faith
  2. It was showing that God’s power is never to be misused
  3. To show that God should not be put to test
  4. To undo Adams succumbing to temptations
  5. Jesus was not to seek worldly power nor seek worldly recognition
  6. The miracles Jesus was to perform in his ministry were to glorify God and not meet his personal needs
  7. Through the exp Jesus was taught to accomplish his mission even through the suffering and difficulties                                                                                     

c)  Lessons Christians learn about Jesus from his temptation in the wilderness      

  1. Jesus is human
  2. Jesus is the son of God
  3. Jesus has power over Satan
  4. Jesus is absolutely obedient to God
  5. Jesus was ready for his mission
  6. Jesus mission was to overcome Satan
  7. Jesus was a humble messiah                                            

7.         a) Five main divisions of the Sermon the plain.

  • The blessings
  • The woes
  • Love of enemies
  • Judging others
  • Evidence of good discipleship
  • Hearing and doing                                                                                                (5×1=5 mks)     

b)  Teachings of Jesus on the qualities of true discipleship from the sermon on the plain? 

  • Disciples should have perseverance in the face of persecution
  • They should have unwavering faith in Jesus
  • They should love their enemies
  • They should be obedient to Christ’s teaching
  • They should be generous and share with those who don’t have
  • They should avoid hypocrisy and self righteousness
  • They should forgive others
  • They should be merciful to others
  • They should be firm in their faith
  • Should be productive in their work                                                                      (8×1=8mks)       

c) 7 ways in which Christians demonstrate true discipleship today

  • Preaching to other people
  • Rehabilitating wrong doers
  • Donating financial and material support to the needy
  • Condemning social injustices in the society
  • Enduring rejection and opposition on account of Christ
  • Praying for others
  • Forsaking their families for the sake of Christ
  • Living exemplary lives     

8.         7 teachings of Jesus on watchfulness and readiness for the Kingdom of God in Lk 12: 35-59

  • Each person should make a personal commitment to follow Jesus
  • Jesus second coming will be at a time when they least expect so they should be ready at all times
  • Just as people interpret the signs of weather, Jesus followers should read the signs of the kingdom present in him
  • Jesus will establish peace on earth during his second coming
  • People should make peace with God and reconcile others before Jesus returns
  • The Kingdom of God is present in Jesus and people should make positive response towards him
  • Jesus demands wisdom & responsibility from his followers as they prepare for his second coming
  • Jesus promised eternal life to those who will have remained steadfast in him  (7×1=7 mks) 

9.         (a) The reasons for choosing of disciples by Jesus                                                   

  • To help him preach / to be sent our preach
  • For companionship.
  • To give them authority to cast out demons /exovan
  • To be good examples to others/good role models
  • To bear witness of the things he did and said.
  • To continue with his ministry after his ascension\to present the twelve tribes of Israel.

(b) The conditions Jesus set for his followers                                                            

  • They must believe in God/Jesus Christ/Gospel.
  • They should cover one another/their neighbours.
  • Should renounce everything to follow Jesus i.e following Jesus should be then priority
  • They should be ready to serve others.
  • They should be humble /look  like little children/meek.
  • Should be committed to prayer and pray without ceasing.
  • Should do the will of God.
  • Should spread the gospel/preach the word of God
  • Should be born again/be baptized
  • Should repent
  • Should be able to forgive others.

(c) Role a Christian play in the national elections                                                       

  • By praying for fair /free and just/peaceful elections.
  • Being employed at various levels in and out of polling stations.
  • Being committee in playing different roles
  • Being honest /not fearing  intimidation/persecutions.
  • Casting ones votes.
  • Educating the masses on the evil right/obligations.
  • Financing/ assisting the government in facilitating situations of confrontation with the government of the day.

10.       a) Describe the call of the first disciples of Jesus according to Luke 5:1 -11                      

  1. One day Jesus standing by the lake of Gennesaret where the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God
  2. He saw two boats close to the shore and got into one of them which was Simon’s
  3. He taught the people from this boat
  4. After he had finished speaking, he asked Simon to cast the net into he sea for a catch
  5. At first Simon was reluctant because he had been fishing the whole day and night and had caught nothing
  6. Simon eventually agreed and cast the nets into the sea; together with his partners John and James the sons of Zebedee, they caught such a huge number of fish that the net began to tear
  7. They beckoned to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. They came and filled both the boats, so they began to sink
  8. They were so moved by the miraculous catch of fish that Simon fell on his knees before Jesus and urged him to away he confessed that he was a sinful man
  9. Jesus told Simon not to be afraid for from that time onwards he will be catching men
  10. The other companions of Simon Peter were Andrew and the two sons of Zebedee; John and James, they all left everything and followed Jesus                                  

b) Jesus demonstrate the teachings in the sermon on the plain in his ministry         

  1. Jesus comforted various groups of mourners
  2. Jesus fasted for forty days so as to be spiritually satisfied
  3. Jesus showed mercy by forgiving his persecutors
  4. Jesus was righteous but people gave false witness against him
  5. Jesus showed love for his enemies by praying for them
  6. In his ministry, Jesus never looked for comfort
  7. He gave free services to the people
  8. Jesus practiced what he taught                                                          

c) Christians find it difficult to apply the teachings of the sermon on the plain  in their lives

  1. Lack of faith to obey Jesus teachings
  2. Desire to revenge their enemies
  3. They don’t devout time to pray so as to be empowered by Holy Spirit
  4. Lack of love for others , hence they cant forgive
  5. Hypocrisy as many Christians are persecuted for their own wrongs
  6. Lack of endurance/ perseverance
  7. They fear to face persecutions/ lack of courage
  8. There is greed/ selfishness among some church members
  9. Poor role models on the part of church leaders              

11.       (a) The four major challenges faced by John  during his ministry?                     

  1. Put in prison
  2. Killed or beheaded
  3. Harsh environment or wilderness
  4. Self denial life
  5. Baptism concept not understood
  6. Jewish thought He was Messiah
  7. Not sure about Jesus

(b) 7 methods adopted by Jesus to overcome the challenges he faced during  his ministry  

  1. Miracles
  2. Scriptures quotes
  3. Demonstration
  4. Parable usage
  5. Direct speech ‘disorders’
  6. Questions + answers
  7. Personal example ‘I am bread’
  8. Historical

(c) Five features in Jesus teachings on the plain (Luke 6:17-49) that a Christian may

       learn and practice?                                                                                                                     

  1. Fruit bearing
  2. Love to all
  3. Not judge
  4. Obedience word
  5. Salvation to all
  6. Love for enemies
  7. Pray for persecutors
  8. Not for pray
  9. Forgiveness

12.         Reasons why people find it difficult to accept the word of God today        

  • People are deeply rooted in their cultural beliefs
  • Permissiveness
  • Western culture/influence
  • Pursuit material things/power
  • Poor role models in the society
  • Lack of faith
  • Presence of science and technology

13.       (a) The activities in the house of Simon when Jesus was invited (Luke 7:36-50)           

  1. House of Pharisees invitation
  2. Oil washed Jesus feet – tears
  3. Anointed Jesus feet
  4. Crowd wondered why Jesus?
  5. Parable of two debtors told
  6. Master cancelled all debts
  7. Who of debtors loved more
  8. Jesus praised the woman
  9. Sin forgiven
  10. Wondered Jesus forgiving in-Blasphemy

(b) Lessons Christians learn from the visit of a sinful woman in Simon’s house

  1. To avoid self righteousness
  2. To fellowship with others
  3. Repentance
  4. Humility – sought
  5. Non-discriminative
  6. Trust Jesus –savior
  7. Grateful – thankful
  8. Forgiveness – God

      (c) Five ways in which a Christian can eradicate discrimination in the society today        

  1. Equality – sexes
  2. Condemn discrimination
  3. Support government + laws equality
  4. Report cases of discrimination at police
  5. Role models
  6. Reward marginalized group
  7. Punish those who discriminate
  8. Education on evils of discrimination

14.       a) The area of conflict arising from Jesus Galilean ministry (7mks)

  • Jesus  claimed  to  fulfill  the  prophesy  of  Isaiah  of  being  the messiah
  • Jesus  healed  the  sick on a  Sabbath  day
  • Jesus  declared  sins  forgiven  something that  only  God  could do
  • Jesus  touched  unclean people (leaper)
  • Jesus mixed  with  sinners  e.g.  tax  collectors
  • Jesus  disciple  did  not  observe  the  rate  of fasting
  • Jesus refused to perform a miracle  at home  on the  demand of the  Jewish
  • Jesus  popularity and  the  scribes  who  felt  that  their  authority was being  undermined

b) The obstacles Christian’s leader may face in their missionary work (7mks)

  • financial  constraints
  • corrupting  in the  society
  • political interference  in  church  work
  • hypocrisy of  some of the  church  members
  • death  and sickness  among the  members
  • struggle for leadership amongst  the members
  • modernity  some  of  which  are  not  with Christians  ethics
  • functionalism/splinter  groups  from main chambers
  • liberation of  worship/celebrative  worship
  • African  cultural influence
  • Negative ethnicity blocking others  from attaining  church
  • Leadership in some regions

15.       a) four teachings of Jesus on the sermon on the plain  Luke6:17-49             KKC

  1. The poor in spirit shall inherit the Kingdom of God because they are ready to repent .
  2. Those who hunger and thirst now shall be satisfied because they are ready to receive the word  of God.
  3. Those who are persecuted because of Jesus shall be rewarded if they remain steadfast  and faithful to Jesus.
  4. It is wrong to judge others as Judgement is in the hands of God.
  5. Love of enemies promote peaceful co-existence.
  6. The followers of Jesus should demonstrate by their way of life e.g assisting the poor.

b) Give six reasons why Christians fail to live according to Jesus’ teaching on the sermon on the plain

  1. Revenge is easier then loving an enemy.
  2. Because of worldly pleasures.     
  3. They turn to magic/give up when presented.
  4. Some are greedy and selfish
  5. Some people are girded by pride/don’t realize their sinfulness/it is not urgent to repent.
  6. It is easy to incite than be a peacemaker.

16        Four duties of discipleship revealed in Luke 9:51-62                                                KKC

  1. One has to accept homelessness/endure hardship/self denial.
  2. Total commitment /break family ties.
  3. Should not look back.
  4. Willingness to spread the gospel.                        

            – To follow Jesus’ example and identify with Him.

            – To receive the Holy Spirit who teaches, guides in their lives.

            – To prepare one to enter the kingdom of God.

            – Unites Christians under one body of Christ.

            – It effects complete forgiveness of sins.

            – It is an act of being born again.

            – It is a symbol of death and resurrection.

            – Through baptism one is considered a child of God.                        (5 x 1 = 5mks)

17.       (a) Reasons for Christian Baptism.

            – To follow Jesus’ example and identify with Him.

            – To receive the Holy Spirit who teaches, guides in their lives.

            – To prepare one to enter the kingdom of God.

            – Unites Christians under one body of Christ.

            – It effects complete forgiveness of sins.

            – It is an act of being born again.

            – It is a symbol of death and resurrection.

            – Through baptism one is considered a child of God.                        (5 x 1 = 5mks)

(b) Lessons that Christians learn about Jesus in his temptations in the wilderness.

            – Jesus was a human i.e. he felt hungry.

            – Jesus was divine /son of God/Messiah.

            – Jesus had power over Satan/temptations.

            – He was obedient to his Father.

            – He was ready for his mission.

            – He was well versed with scriptures.

            – He knew temptation comes from the devil as he told the devil to leave him.

18.       (a)  The reasons why the missionaries translated the Bible into African languages are:-

  • Make evangelization effective
  • They wanted Africans to understand the scripture easily
  • Translation made it possible for missionaries to learn African languages
  • They wanted to use the translated Bible as their resource text in missionary education
  • They wanted to keep abreast of the changes in the world
  • The missionaries wanted to indigenize Christianity and make it adaptable to local situations and cultures                                                                                          (Any 5= 5×1=5mks)

(b) Ways in which translation of the Bible into African languages led to African

                 mass evangelism:-

  • The ability of African to read and interpret the Bible into their own languages contributed to development of independent churches which attracted any to Christianity
  • As Africans read the Bible in their own local languages, they participated more actively in church affairs
  • As Africans read the Bible in their vernacular and understood it’s content many embraced Christianity
  • Missionaries knowledge of local Bible enabled them to preach to more Africans as communication was not a problem
  • The missionaries were able to appreciate African culture. This removed suspicion between the two and more people were attracted to Christianity.
  •  Africans were able to have a better understanding of God’s word as they could read and interpret it on their own
  • Translation promoted revival movements and these were used to preach to more people 

19.       Teachings of Jesus on the cost of discipleship

  • Self denial/suffering/prosecution
  • To forego family commitment for Jesus’ sake
  • To leave everything (wealth/material) and follow him
  • Should be ready to serve and not be served (humility)
  • Ready to loose life/die
  • Love enemies
  • Practice charity/sharing
  • Practice Christian virtues/values

Ready to be rejected/mocked/opposed preach/condemn without fear/stand for truth

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