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CRE Topical Questions and Answers-The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

1.         Teachings about Jesus from Peter’s speech:-

  • Jesus was from Nazareth
  • Jesus had a divine nature
  • Jesus was empowered by God to perform miracles/wonders through the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus death/crucifixion was according to God’s plan
  • God raised Jesus from death
  • The death and resurrection of Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of David/ David foretold the resurrection of Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus
  • Jesus was a descendant of David
  • Jesus is exalted in glory –he is Lord       

2.         a) six characteristics of love according to 1st Corinthians 13

  • It is a gift from God
  • It is the most important gift of the Holy Spirit
  • It is patient
  • It is kind
  • It is not jealous
  • It is not proud
  • It is not ill mannered
  • Not selfish
  • Not quick to anger                                                                                    (6×1=6 mks)  

b) Mention the works of the Holy Spirit among Christians today

  • Prayers which lead to healing of people
  • Decision making/ problem solving which bring unity
  • The gift of prophecy is used by pastors/ priest to condemn evil in society
  • Prophecy is also used by Christians to foretell God’s plan or his people
  • The gift of faith helps Christians to withstand challenges of life
  • The gift of distinguishing spirit is shown when Christians make the right decisions and seek for forgiveness of their sins
  • The gift of tongues is seen in various churches e.g. PAG
  • It encourages Christians to face persecution e.g. when they condemn evils in society                                                                                                                      

3.         a) five teachings about Jesus from Peter’s message on the day of Pentecost                       

  1. Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God
  2. He had performed miracles among them
  3. Was crucified and killed through evil plans but God raised him from the dead
  4. Jesus was a descendant of David
  5. Jesus was crucified by the Jews but he is now raised and sitting at the right hand of God
  6. God had made him Lord and Christ
  7. He told people to repent and be baptized in Jesus’ name for forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy spirit                                                                                                              

b) Activities in the church that prove that the Holy Spirit is working

  1. Prayers are answered
  2. Decision making by church elders
  3. Acts of faith by Christians
  4. Discerning spirit
  5. Works of miracles
  6. Interpretation of tongues
  7. Love among members
  8. Through fostering unity of believers
  9. Providing guidance to leaders
  10. Church members accept baptism                                                                                     

c) Problems facing the church today

  1. Language barrier
  2. Competition among churches
  3. Mismanagement of funds
  4. Superiority complex/ pride
  5. Poor role models
  6. Wrong interpretation of scriptures
  7. Lack of unity/ different ideologies
  8. Selfishness/ greediness among leaders
  9. Generation gap between the old and the young
  10. Influence from permissive society/ media

4.         a) seven teachings about Jesus from Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost.          

  1. Jesus was from Nazareth.
  2. He had divine nature.
  3. He had human nature.
  4. God raised Jesus from the dead.
  5. His death and crucification was according to God’s  plan.
  6. He was descendant of David.
  7. God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ.
  8. The Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus.

B) five lessons Christians can learn about love From Paul’s teaching in 1 Cor 13

  1. Love  is a gift from God
  2. It is patient/does not let down.
  3. It is  kind
  4. It is  not  ill mannered.
  5. Does  not keep a record  of wrong.
  6. It is not happy with evil
  7. It is eternal
  8. It is not selfish/it is generous.
  9. It is not cruel/self seeking.
  10. Never gives up
  11. It is happy with truth.       
  12. It never fails.

5.         (a) The manifestation of the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost                               

  • He appeared in form of mighty wind
  • He appeared in from of tongues of fire
  • He enabled the disciples to speaking tongues
  • Peter was enabled to be bold and to explain to the people the event that had just been witnessed.
  • He enable  Peter to remember the old Testament prophets (Joel’s Prophecy)
  • He enabled the sinners to repent their sins after listening to peter.
  • He enable the apostles to understand what Jesus had taught then.
  • He enabled those how had repented to be baptized.

(b) Leadership qualities shown by Peter the apostle on the day of the Pentecost                 

  • Courage
  • Wisdom/understanding
  • Principled/decision making/advisor/counselor
  • Ability to protect and depend his colleagues
  • Focused/goal oriented/commitment.
  • Knew the scripture
  • Eloquent speaker.

(c) Ways in which the gift of the Holy Spirit have been abused in the church today            

  • Cheating that one has a certain gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Consumeralization of the gifts/people are asked to pay money before being prayed for/healed.
  • False interpretation of the bible/prophecy/prediction of the future.
  • Ungenipulous Christians may impart demonic powers on innocent faithful.
  • Some Christians who possess the gifts of the Holy Spirit develop pride/superiority complex/selfishness.
  • Wrong use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit where faithful get into ecstasy /trance which way lead to In tunes
  • Distinguishing oneself as a person with a special call/preacher an intention of exploiting other/situation.

6.         a) Relate the message of Peter on the day of Pentecost                                                        

  1. Apostles were not drunk
  2. Whatever was happening was in line  with prophet Joel’s prophecy
  3. The outpouring of the his was a positive proof that the Messianic age had arrived through Jesus Christ
  4. Jesus was from Nazareth through whom God worked miracles
  5. Jesus suffered and was crucified by sinful people in accordance with God’s plan
  6. God raised Jesus up to fulfill the prophecy of King David
  7. The apostles are living witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus
  8.  God has exalted Jesus and made him both Lord and Christ
  9. Jesus was a descendant of David
  10. Peter told the people to repent so that they could be forgiven and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit                                                                                                     

b) six ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested among Christians today    

  1. People speaking in tongues
  2. Healing sessions in some churches indicate a gift of the Holy Spirit
  3. Through Christian preaching/ inspiring those who preach
  4. Giving Christians power to pray
  5. Conferring the gift of prophecy to Christians/ dreams/ visions among Christians signify the gift of prophecy
  6. Proper/ wise decision making and right believing using wisdom
  7. Performing miracles e.g. casting out demons
  8. Proper understanding and interpretation of God’s message
  9. Fostering unity of believers
  10. Believers loving one another and carrying out works of charity
  11. Helps believers to repent and seek forgiveness of sins    

7          (a) The message of Peter on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:14-40)              

  • The disciples were not drunk because it was only 9 o’clock in the morning
  • What they were witnessing was the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy that God was going to pour his spirit to everyone
  • Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God attested to you with hints and wonders and signs he performed
  • Jesus was crucified and killed through their evil plans but god raised him from the dead
  • Jesus was a descendant of King David
  • David had prophesized about the resurrection of Jesus
  • They were all witnesses to god having raised Jesus from the dead
  • Jesus was exalted and seated at the right hand of God
  • Jesus had fulfilled his promises and had poured out what they had seen
  • God had made Jesus whom they had crucified, both lord and Christ                 

(b) 7 teachings of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit          

  • The Holy Spirit was going to be a counselor and an advocate to intercede for Christians before God
  • The Holy Spirit was going to reveal hidden truth about god and about Jesus
  • It was going to take the place of Jesus and be with the people forever
  • It was going to give them company so that they would not be desolated
  • It was going to guarantee God’s love for them because anyone who loved Jesus was loved by God
  • It was gong to be their teacher.
  • It was going to remind them of all the teachings Jesus had taught them
  • It was going to make them aware of their sins
  • It was going to inform the world about the impending judgment so that they could repent.
  • It was to be Gods messenger to them/speak on Gods behalf
  • It was going to reveal the future to them
  • It was going to glorify and exalt Jesus by telling them about him
  • It was going to empower them to be Jesus witnesses anywhere in the world     

(c) Five problems of spreading the Gospel today

  • Christians face opposition/persecution from non believers
  • Lack of money for traveling expenses and buying Bibles
  • Lack of qualified personnel in the church
  • Lack of dedicated personnel in the church
  • Christians face the threat of secularism and materialism
  • The influence of anti-Christian literature in the local media
  • Rivalry between the gospel and the other religious philosophies and ideologies
  • Advancement of technology in all areas that go against biblical teachings
  • People do not fully comprehend the power and craftiness of Satan

8.         a) ways in which the Holy Spirit manifested itself on the day of Pentecost  

  1. Sound from heaven like the rush of a mighty wind filled the room
  2. Tongues of fire rested on each apostle
  3. The disciples spoke in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gave the utterance
  4. The Holy Spirit anointed Peter to become the spokesman of the group with a lot of courage
  5. The Holy Spirit committed 3000 people who got converted into Christianity

b) Activities of the church in Kenya which show that the Holy Spirit is working  among them                   

  1. Praying at individual or congregation level
  2. Decision making in the church/ solving issues and problems in the church
  3. Faith healing/ healing the sick
  4. Speaking in tongues
  5. Singing and dancing music
  6. Preaching/ teaching
  7. Giving of offertory and alms/ sadaka
  8. Held fellowship meeting, Bible study/ Bible reading
  9. Celebrating of sacraments e.g. Eucharist / Lords supper
  10. Bringing new converts to the church
  11. Pastoral care and consulting
  12. Helping the poor and the needy
  13. Working together of the churches e.g. books/ ecumenism/ co- operating
  14. Writing Christians literature e.g. pamphlets/ magazines
  15. Confession of sins/ reconciliations
  16. Education/ giving instructions

9.         a) State seven fruits of the Holy Sprit according to Galatians 5:6-26(7mks)

  • love
  • joy
  • peace
  • kindness
  • patience
  • self control
  • faithfulness
  • goodness
  • gentleness

 b)  four ways  in  which  the gifts of  the holy  spirit is  misused in Christians churches     today

  • the gift  of  healing-abused  by  preachers  who  perform  the healing  for money
  • the  gift of performing  miracles-abused to  entice  people  /attract people to  church for popularity
  • the  gift of  preaching-abused by  preachers  for  economic  gains
  • speaking in tongues-abused when  others  are  discriminated  against  e.g. those without  tongues
  • discerning-abused by  dismissing preachers  as being  false  or true  preachers  when  they  cannot really discern
  • speaking in tongues when there is no  interpreters
  • wisdom-abused  to misinterpreted  the  bible
  • performing miracles-abused  by demanding  pay or  being  proud

10.       Peter’s speech about Jesus on the Day of Pentecost (Act 2:14-41) was:                 

  • He told  the people that the disciples were not drunk
  • They were filled with the Holy Spirit
  • That Jesus was the son of God
  • God’s power was seen in the miracles/signs/wonders performed by Jesus
  • Jesus had been killed by the Jews because of their wickedness
  • But God raised Jesus back to life
  • Jesus was a descendant of King David
  • That Jesus ascended to heaven /is sited at the right hand of God the Father
  • Jesus Christ is Lord/Christ/Messiah
  • He called people to repent their sins in order to e forgiven
  • They were to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ                 

11.       a) Peter’s message on the day of Pentecost Acts 2:14-40                             

  1. He explained that the disciples were not drunk because it was still very early in the morning 9 O’clock
    1. The coming of the holy spirit was a fulfillment of Jesus prophecy
    1. Jesus had sent the holy spirit as a fulfillment of his promise for the disciples
    1. Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God/ messiah
    1. Jesus performed miracles through God’s power
    1. The disciples were witnesses for Jesus’ miracles
    1. Jesus’ suffering and death was God’s plan
    1. God raised Jesus from death so as to fulfill the prophecy of David Psalms 16:18-11
    1. The apostles were living witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus
    1. Jesus has been exalted in heaven and is seated at the right hand of God
    1. God has made Jesus both lord and judge                                                

b) The characteristics of love as taught by St. Paul                                                  

  1. Love is patient
    1. Love is kindness
    1. Love is not arrogant
    1. Love is not irritable or resentful
    1. Love rejoices in the truth
    1. Love beats all things hopes all things and endures all things
    1. Love is not disrespectful   

12.       The Holy Spirit manifests itself in the Church today through.                                  

  • Helps believers obey Gods command.
  • Helps Christian face persecution without disowning faith.
  • Guides Christians to pray wisely.
  • Help Christians repent their sins and get inward renewal.
  • Helps Christians spread word of God.
  • Enable Christians work miracles like healing.
  • Equips Christians with fruits of the Holy Spirit.        

13.       a)  Instructions did Paul give to the church of Corinth on how to use spiritual gifts

  • Paul instructed the early church that not more than two or three should speak in tongues in a meeting
  • He advised them to speak one at a time
  • He advised them that an interpreter should explain the message to the congregation incase of speaking in tongues
  • If there is no interpreter then the person who has the gift of speaking in tongues should refrain from speaking or speak in privacy
  • Only two or three prophets should speak in a meeting
  • He advised other believers to assess what is being said
  • If one receives a revelation, he should be given a chance to speak while the others listen
  • Prophets were advised to speak one at a time for the purpose of instructions
  • He finally told the church that everything must be done decently and in an orderly way                                                                                                                              

b) six reasons why St. Paul used the title the body of Christ

  • To show that all Christians are united by the same spirit through baptism
  • That Christians have been given different gifts by the same God
  • Gifts to be used for the benefit of the church
  • Christians to share the suffering/ joy with others
  • There should not be discrimination in the church
  • Christians are united to God through Jesus
  • Christians to lead a holy life because they form the body of Christ
  • Christians are united by faith
  • Christians to show love by sharing with others                                        (6×1=6 mks)     

c)  The significance of faith in a Christian’s life?

  • Faith strengthens Christians to overcome temptation
  • Faith gives power to enable one to forgive others
  • Faith breaks cultural barriers
  • Faith enables Christians to perform miracles
  • Faith enables one to seek help from Jesus
  • Faith enables one to give gratitude to God for his blessings
  • Faith in Jesus makes us experience God’s saving power present in Jesus
  • Faith in Jesus enables us to experience the kingdom of God in our heart
  • Lack of faith in Jesus leads to God’s punishment while faith in Jesus leads to eternal life
  • Faith enables Christians to endure suffering
  • Faith enables one to serve God without reservations                               (6×1=6mks

14.       (a) Lessons Christians learn from the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of


            – It is important for Christians to meet together in fellowship as the Holy Spirit was poured on     the disciples as they worshipped  together.

  • Jesus keeps his promises, he ad promised before he ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit and it came.
  • The Holy Spirit empowers believers to be in the forefront in preaching God’s word.
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit is important in salvation.
  • Christianity is a universal religion. This is shown by disciples proclaiming good news in different languages.
  • Show the importance of vernacular languages is the best means of spreading the good news/shows the importance of bible translation into vernacular languages so that everyone reads and understands.

As Peter did, Christian leaders should boldly explain to the world God’s continued work of salvation to mankind.                                                                                             (1 x 5 = 5 mks)

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