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Physics Form Two Past Paper Questions with Marking Scheme End Term 1


Answer all question this section

1.   Distinguish between mass and weight of a body stating the S.I units for each.                     (2mks)

2.  a)The figure below shows part of scale of vernier calipers.

What is the reading indicated on the scale                 (2mk)

b)   What is the reading on the micrometer screw gauge shown below with an error of +0.5mm?                                                                                                                                 (3mks)

Figure 1

3.   180cm3 of fresh water of density 100kg/m3 is mixed with 2200cm3 of sea water of density 1025kg/m3. Calculate the density of the mixture                                                               (4mks)

4.   Explain why fish can survive under water when the surface is already frozen                      (2mks)

5.   a)      The figure below shows a method of magnetization used in making magnets.

i)     Name the method.                                                                                                                (1 mark)


ii)    Identify the polarities A and B of the magnet produced.                                                     (2 marks)

       A    .

       B    ­­­­­­­­

iii)   Apart from this method, state any other  three methods used in magnetization.       (3mark)


b)    In demagnetization by electrical method:

i)     State the type of current used.                                                                                              (1 mark)


ii)    Explain your answer in (i) above.                                                                                        (2 marks)

c)   Explain why when demagnetizing a magnet, the magnet should be held in the East-West direction.                                                                                                                                                (2 marks


d)   Figure 3 shows a coil of insulated wire wound on a horse shoe soft iron core AB and connected to a power supply

            Name the polarity at A.                                              (1mk)

                                             B .                                  (1mk)

6.   State one advantage of an alkaline battery over a lead acid battery.                                     (1mk)

7.  The diagram below shows a permanent magnet suspended by a spring. State with reason the behaviour of the magnet when the switch is closed.                                                                   (2mks)

8.   Convection and diffusion both involve motion of fluids. Distinguish between the two.       (2mks)

9.   A negatively, charged rod is brought close to (but not touching ) an uncharged sphere. If the

sphere is momentarily earthed and then the rod is removed, briefly explain what happens. (2mks)

10. Indicate on the diagram below, the level of mercury in the tubes X and Y                           (2mks)

11. An object weighs 1200N on a certain planet. What is the gravitational field strength of this

planet if the object is 60kg?                                                                                                    (3mks)

12. State three  properties of a thermometric liquid.                                                                   (3mks)

Form Two Physics Questions and Answers SECTION B (55MARKS)

Answer all question this section


a)   Define pressure and give its S.I nits.                                                                                    (2mks)

b)   The diagram below represents a motor car hydraulic braking system;

i.    State two properties of the liquid used as a brake fluid                                 (2mks)

ii.   Given that in the diagram (b) above the master piston has an area of 15cm2 and the slave

piston has an area of 50cm2 a force of 100N is applied on the master piston. Find the force

used to stop the car.                                                                                                   (3mks)

c)   Compare the values of pressure in the two pistons above and give a reason for your answer.                                                                                                            (2mks)

d)   Give a reason why gas is not suitable for use in place of the brake fluid.                (1mk)


a)   Give reasons why it is necessary to leave the caps of the cells open when charging an accumulator                                                                                                                ( 1mk)


b)   Define current and state its SI unit                                                                            ( 2mks)

c)   A charge of 120 coulombs flow through a 1 am every minute. Calculate the current flowing through the lamp.                                                                                                       ( 3mks)

d)   What do you understand by open and closed circuits.                                               ( 2mks)

i.    State the polarities of A and B.                                                                                   (2 mks)

ii.   Name the chemical substances in the parts labeled C and D                                     ( 2mks)



a)   The figure shows an arrangement of source of light, an opaque object and a screen. Using A, B and C as point sources, sketch on the same diagram labeled a ray diagram to show what is observed on the screen.                                                                                               (3mks)


b)   In a certain pinhole camera, the screen is 10cm from the pinhole. When the pinhole is placed 6cm away from a tree, a sharp image of a tree 16cm high is formed on the screen. Find the height of the tree.                                                                                                        ( 3mks)

c)   Distinguish between Lunar and Solar eclipse by stating the events that lead to the formation of each                                                                                                                             (4mks)

d)   A girl stands 4 m in front of a plane mirror

i.    What is the distance between the girl and the mirror                                                 (3mks)

16. i)State  the basic law of electrostatics                                                                                        (2mks)

ii) Explain how you would use an electroscope to distinguish between a conductor and an insulator                                                                                                                      (3mks)


iii)        Fill in the table of charges appropriately                                                              ( 5mks)

Charge on ElectroscopeCharge brought near capEffects on leaf divergence
+ –+ –     
+ or –Uncharged body   

a)   What is the name given to the method of charging an electroscope where it requires an opposite charge to the one of the charging materials?                                                (1mk)

b)   Distinguish between a basic physical quantity and a derived physical quantity giving an example of each.                                                                                                         (3mks)

Physical quantityDerived physical quantity 

c)   State any two  ways by which frictional force between two surfaces can be reduced.                                                                                                                                             (2mks)

d)   Explain why large mercury drops form oral ball on a glass slide                              (2mks)

e)   Explain why a man using a parachute falls through air slowly while a stone falls through air very fast.                                                                                                                     (2mks)

17. The figure below shows a uniform meter rule balancing when a mass of 200g is hung at one end. Determine the tension T in the string.                                                                         (4marks)