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FORM 3 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-CRE PP2 Answers




1a.Explain the Jewish expectations concerning the messiah. (7marks)

  • The Jews expected the Messiah to come from the lineage of David

/Royal descent.

  • They expected the Messiah to come after the Return of prophet


  • The Messiah would convert Jerusalem to be the Centre of Rule/

Political Centre.

  • They expected the messiah to be apolitical leader/ one who would

Overthrow the Roman rule.

  • The Messiah was not expected to associate with the poor/ sinners/


  • The messiah was expected to make Judaism a superior religion
  • The Jews expected a messiah who would perform miracles
  • They expected the establishment of the kingdom of the Messiah to be

Preceded by cosmic signs/ mysteries

  • They expected the Messiah establish kingdom by conquering the enemies of Israel.
  • The Messiah was to rule the whole world

b) Give seven similarities in the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist and that of Jesus Christ (7marks)

  • In both the message was delivered by Angel Gabriel.
  • In both, the mission of Jesus and John were specified by the Angel.
  • In both the possibility of the message was doubted/Zachariah and Mary.
  • In both the children were to be Gods servants
  • In both the births were going to be through divine intervention
  • In both signs were given to confirm the messages
  • In both children were going to be male
  • In both the names of the children to be born were given by the  Angel.

c) State ways in which Christians play the role of the Baptist (5marks)

  • preaching repentance of sins/ confession
  • Praying and fasting in preparation for the coming kingdom of God
  • Helping the needy, orphaned, homeless
  • obeying the commandments of God
  • condemning evil practices in the society
  • Sharing their belonging
  • Empowering people especially the oppressed
  • Advising leaders on their roles in the society

2a. what do Christian learn about Jesus from the incident when he was baptized    (6marks)

  • Jesus is prayerful
  • Jesus is obedience/loyal to God
  • Jesus is humble
  • Jesus has human nature
  • Jesus is the son of God/ nature
  • He is loved by God/ pleases God
  • Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit

 b).Describe the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness Luke4:1-13 (7mks)

  • After Baptism Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness
  • Jesus ate nothing for forty days and was hungry
  • The devil told Jesus to command the stone to turn into the bread if He was the son of God
  • Jesus responded that human beings do not live by bread alone
  • Then the devil led Jesus to a high place/ showed Him all the kingdoms of the world
  • The devil told Jesus that he would give him all the worldly authority/glory if He worshipped him
  • Jesus responded by saying that only Lord God is to be worshipped/served
  • The devil took Jesus to the highest point of the temple in Jerusalem
  • The devil told Jesus to throw Himself drowned from there
  • Jesus responded by saying that God should not be tempted/ put to test

c.) Outline five reasons Christians learn from the temptation of Jesus (5marks)

  • Christians should that their faith can be tested/temptations are a must
  • Christians should know the word of God / use it to fight the doubts brought by the devil
  • Christians need the guidance of the Holy Spirit/pray to overcome temptations in their lives
  • Christians should put God first/worship God the Lord God only
  • They should stand firm / not give in to temptations/ be ready to overcome temptations
  • Overcoming temptations strengthens one’s faith in God
  • Christians should not put God to test/should lead responsible life
  • Christians should be contented with what they have

3a. Describe the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem Lk19:28-40 (7marks)

  • When Jesus was near Jerusalem, He sent two disciples to the nearby village
  • They were find a colt tied on which no one had ridden
  • If they were to be asked they were to say the master needed it
  • They went and found the colt as Jesus had instructed them
  • They gave the owner the response that Jesus had commanded them
  • They brought the colt to Jesus, cast their garments upon it and set Jesus on it
  • People spread their clothes on the road
  • The multitude rejoiced and praised God
  • They hailed to Jesus as the King who comes in the name of the Lord and peace in Heaven
  • Some Pharisees asked Jesus to silence and the crowd but He told them that even if they kept quiet the stones would cry out

b.) Outline five teachings of Jesus on prayer (5marks)

  • It should be done in privacy
  • It should be short and precise
  • It should be addressed to God the father
  • Christians should pray persistently without ceasing
  • Should approach God with respect and humility
  • Christians should ask for their needs through prayers
  • Christians should pray for forgiveness
  • Christians should submit themselves to God in prayer
  • Christians should pray for Gods protection against evil
  • God answers prayers

c.)Why do some Christians feel it difficult to prayer (5marks)

  • Lack of faith in God
  • Laziness
  • Frustrations of personal or family level
  • Discouragement
  • Sin in their lives
  • Loss of hope due to unanswered prayers
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Shyness
  • Trusting wealth and education instead of God
  • Lack of training from early age

4. a)State five characteristics of love according to St. Paul in 1cor13 (5marks)

  • Patient and kind
  • Not jealous
  • Not boastful/arrogant
  • Does not insist on its own
  • Not irritable/resentful
  • Does not rejoice at wrong
  • Bears all things
  • Believes all things
  • Hopes all things
  • Endures all things
  • Never ends

b) Identify six roles of the Holy Spirit in the Church today   (6marks)

  • The Holy Spirit enables Christians to make the right decision/Gives wisdom, counsel
  • The Holy Spirit enables Christian to worship God/pray/sing
  • He gives believers deep understanding/revelation of God
  • He unites believers as one body of Christ
  • He helps individual to know who Jesus Christ is
  • The Holy Spirit convicts people of their sins/ lead them to confess/repent
  • He strengthens the faith of a Christian
  • He gives the power to perform miracles
  • He enables believers to distinguish / differentiate between the Spirits
  • He enables Christians to speak/interpret tongue
  • He enables Christians to prophesy/preach the word of God

4. c) Explain four ways in which the unity of believers as expressed in the image of the bride (8marks)

  • Christians are the bride While Jesus is the bridegroom
  • Christians/church is to be committed/faithful to Christ as the bride is committed to the bridegroom
  • The Church is loved by Christ as the bridegroom loves his bride
  • The church must remain pure/holy through love/faith in Jesus as the bride keeps her purity for her husband
  • The committed Christians will be taken to a new home/ heaven just as the bride is taken home by her husband
  • The union between Christ and the church will be everlasting just as the union between the bride and the bridegroom is permanent

5a) identify the gifts of the holy spirit according to St Paul 1st Corinthians 12; 7-12(7mks)

  • Word of wisdom
  • Word of knowledge
  • Gift of faith
  • Gift of healing
  • Gift of working miracle
  • Gift of prophecy/preaching
  • Gift of speaking in tongues
  • Distinguishing between spirits.

b) How was the life of peter transformed on the day of Pentecost (6mks)

  • He was filled with the power of the holy spirit
  • He spoke in tongues
  • He defended the apostle that they were not drunk
  • Peter became courageous
  • He preached the word of god
  • He became a witness of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • He was able to remember Old Testament scriptures.
  • He gained wisdom /advised the people on what to do.
  • He baptized the believers.
  • He took up leadership roles.

c).State  ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are abused in church today (7mks).

  • Some Christians pretend that they have certain gifts to the holy spirit
  • By asking for payment before healing the sick.
  • Christians misuse the gift of prophecy by giving wrong information.
  • Some Christians may impact demonic powers on the innocent/ignorant as they claim to perform miracles.
  • Some Christians who possess the gifts of the Holy Spirit develop pride/arrogance.
  • Some use the gifts to bring division in the church/creating splinter groups.
  • Some Christians refuse to utilize the gifts they posses/personalize the gifts.
  • Speaking in tongues during worship leads to disorder /confusion if tongues are not interpreted.

6a) identify four teachings of St Paul on the similarities between the church and husband wife relationship. (8mks)

  • Members of the church learn to live together in harmony/unity just like a husband and wife.
  • There is a chain of authority in marriage where the husband is the head of the family in the same way Christ is the head of the church
  • Just as Christ sacrificially loves the church/husband should love their wives.
  • The union between husband and wife is meant to last forever so Christians are called upon to maintain steadfast faithfulness to Christ until eternity.
  • Christians are called upon to submit to Christ just as wife submits to her husband.
  • Just as husband and wife become one flesh so Christians are supposed to be united to Christ.
  • Just as Christ nourishes/cherishes the church, husband should care for their wives.

b) Give ways in which Christians prevent division in church today (7mks)

  • Treat each other with love.
  • Avoid discrimination/tribalism in church.
  • Preach/teach the word of god to believers.
  • Assist those in problems/poor/the less fortunate/needy.
  • Practice humility/avoid arrogance.
  • Openly discuss issues affecting the church/respect opinion of others.
  • Pray for one another.
  • Practice transparent leadership style.
  • Give financial reports within acceptable period of time.
  • Repent/ask forgiveness whenever they are wrong.
  • Preparing a budget annually/seasonally to ensure that resources are well utilized.

c) State five ways in which Christians are able to identify those who posses the gifts of the Holy Spirit (5mks)

  • By listening to their confession-they should confess Jesus as lord.
  • By analyzing the kind of teaching the profess
  • By examining their lives so as to know whether they possess the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  • When Christians noticed victorious lives of such power over temptation/works of flesh.
  • By observing their behavior/role models.
  • When such believes give glory to God.
  • If such person do not use the gifts of the holy spirit for personal gains.
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