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FORM 2 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-CRE Answers



END OF TERM 3 2022

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(a) Name eight historical books in the Old Testament.                                                    (8mks




First Samuel

Second kings

First chronicles

Second chronicles




(b) Outline the reasons why the bible is referred to as a library.                                     (5mks)

  • It contains many books.
  • The books were written by different authors.
  • It has different categories of books/division.
  • The books are written in different styles/forms.
  • The books in the bible address different issues/topics/purpose.
  • The books were written for different audience/readers.
  • The books are systematically arranged/order/chronological.

 (c) Give five occasions when Christians use the bible.                                                            (7mks)

  • When preaching the word of God (crusade/church sermons.
  • When in court.
  • When instructing new converts/conducting bible study.
  • During different Christian religious ceremonies/festivals.
  • When teaching Christian religious education.
  • When composing songs/plays/Christian literature.
  • During fellowships/prayers/guidance/counseling.
  • During a swearing in ceremony.
  • (a) State the effects of the translation of the Bible into African local languages.  (6mks)
  • bible translation has the led to the development of the African languages
  • it has led to the spread of the word of God to many people
  • through the translations people are able to apply the bible teachings in their lives
  • it has contributed to improve literacy levels among Africans
  • it has led to emergence of African independent churches/ schools /African leadership
  • it has contributed to the numerical growth of the church/ expansion of the church membership
  • it gives people an opportunity to analyze the bible in relation to their cultures
  • the translation of the bible has made Africans to incorporate their cultural practices into Christian worship
  • it has enhanced the development of printing press/bookshops/creation of jobs
  • it has made people to carry out research in African beliefs/practices
  • it has led to creation of jobs   

b) Outline the first creation account.                                                                                (6mks)

  • 1st day- light and darkness
  • 2nd day- sky
  • 3rd day- land sea and vegetation
  • 4th day – sun moon and stars
  • 5th day – birds and sea creatures
  • 6th day – animals and human beings
  • 7th day – rest/ abbath

c) Identify four differences between the Jewish and Traditional African practices of circumcision.                                                                                                      (8mks)

  • In the jewish community circumcision is only for the male child whereas in African traditional practices it is for both male and female
  • Among the jews circumcision is performed on babies eight days old whereas in the African traditional communities it is done during adolescence
  • In African communities it is a sign of courage while in jewish community it is a sign of covenant with God
  • In African communities it is a communial practice whereas among the jews only members of the family participate
  • In traditional African communities the initiates take up of responsibilities while among the jews the initiates are too young to take up any responsibility

4×2=8 marks

  • (a) Describe the call of Moses(Exodus 3:1-22)                                                                (8mks)
  • Moses was looking after his father in law’s sheep at mount Sinai
  • An angel of the lord appeared to him in a burning bush which was not getting consumed
  • Moses turned to see the bush God called his name out of the bush
  • Moses responded to God by saying, “ Here I am.”
  • God commanded Moses not to move near/ to remove his shoes because the place was holy
  • God revealed Himself to Moses as the God of his ancestors
  • Moses hid his face/ was afraid of looking at God
  • He told moses that he had seen the suffering of his people in Egypt/ had come to deliver them/wanted to send moses to Pharaoh to release his people
  • Moses was reluctant to be sent to Pharaoh/ God promised to be with him
  • Moses sought to know the name of the God who was sending him/ God revealed himself as , “I am who I am”
  • God told Moses to go and gather the elders of Israel/ tell them God’s message about their deliverance
  • Moses was told to go with the elders of Israel to pharaoh to ask for their release from Egypt
  • God promised to perform wonders to compel pharaoh to release the Israelites
  • The Israelites will get favor from the Egyptians / will get jewelry

8×1=8 marks

b) Explain six effects of idolatry in Israel during the time of Prophet Elijah.                 (6mks)

  • There was persecution/ hostility towards Yaweh’s prophets/ people
  • Baal prophets/ prophetesses were brought to Israel
  • There was corruption/ social injustices/ people rejected the covenant way of life
  • Israelites practices syncretism/ mixed the worship of Yaweh with Baaal
  • There was drought in Israel for three years as a divine curse on the nation
  • Israel lost its identity as a nation of God’s people
  • A contest was held at mount Carmel to prove who was the real God
  • Elijah fled the country/ was sustained by God’s power during the time of the drought
  • God’s punishment for baal worshippers/ they died by the sword 

c) State six ways in which Christians identify themselves in the society of idolatry.      (6mks)

  • Through the sign of greeting
  • Through their dress code
  • Through putting on some praying objects like rosary
  • Through some written marks on their vestments
  • Through making of signs e.g. the sign of cross
  • (a) State Isaiah’s prophesy concerning the Messiah.                                                       (8mks)
  • the messiah would be born of a virgin
  • he would be called Emmanuel
  • he would be a wonderful counsellor
  • he would have an everlasting kingdom
  • he would rule with justice
  • he would be humble
  • he would be rejected
  • He would suffer for the forgiveness of sins of many people
  • He would succeed in his work
  • He would be filled with God’s spirit

b) Outline the events that took place on the night Jesus was born.                                  (6mks)

  • When Jesus was born his mother wrapped him in swaddling clothes
  • She placed him in a manger
  • An angel appeared to the shepherds in the region to tell them of the birth of the savior
  • A great company of heavenly hosts/ angels appeared singing praises to God
  • The shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem
  • The shepherds saw the baby
  • They spread the news about the baby to other people
  • The shepherds returned praising God
  • There were shepherds watching over their flock at night
  • The angel gave a sign on how to identify the baby

c) Outline six reasons why Christians undergo baptism.                                                 (6mks)

  • It enables them to become children of God
  • Enables one to become a member of the Christian community
  • Enables one to receive the power of the holy spirit
  • Enables them to identify themselves with Christ
  • Symbolizes that one has died and resurrected with Christ, leaving the old sinful nature.
  • One receives complete forgiveness of sins through baptism
  • Prepares Christians for the kingdom of God
  • Unites Christians as members of the body of Christ which is the church
  • Symbolizes the obedience to Jesus’ teaching
  • Acts as an outward sign of their inner faith ass it is done publicly
  • It’s a sign of a new covenant with God
  • (a) Narrate the story of the raising of the widow’s son at Nain(Luke 7:11-17)               (8mks)
  • Jesus went to the city of nain accompanied by his disciples
  • At the gate of the city he met people carrying a dead man
  • The dead man was the only son of the widows
  • The widow was accompanied by a large crowd
  • Jesus felt pity for the widow
  • He touched the coffin in which the body lay and told the dead man to raise
  • The dead man rose and began to speak
  • Jesus gave the man to his mother
  • The people were filled with fear
  • The people glorified the lord
  • Jesus fame spread in Judean in the surrounding region

8×1= 8 marks

c) Give five qualities of a true disciple as taught by Jesus.                                              (5mks)

  • Persevere in the face of persecution, those who endure this suffering will receive the gift of eternal life
  • Unwavering faith in Jesus- true disciples had to give absolute faith
  • Love for enemies- the disciples were to have agape love by loving their enemies
  • Obedience to Jesus’ teachings- the disciples were expected to be obedient by accepting the lordship of Christ
  • Implementing of Jesus’ teachings- the disciples were expected to bear good fruits
  • Exercise good fruits before judging others
  • Generosity
  • Compassion
  • Doing what Jesus taught
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