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FORM 1 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-CRE Answers

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END OF TERM 3 2022

              TIME: 2HRS

Answer ALL questions in the spaces provided (80 mks)

  1. Give five reasons why the bible is referred to as the word of God .                                      (5mks)
  2. The author was inspired by the holy spent.
  3. It contains prophecies and promises.
  4. God wrote some parts of the bibles
  5. it contains true message of God for daily living
  6. it portrays the nature/character of God.
  7. It contains Gods plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Mention five ways in which God speaks to us through the bible.                                          (5mks)
  • Historical events
  • Creation/Nature/Natural events
  • Dreams revelation
  • Jesus Christ
  • Holy spirit and conscience
  • State five occasions when Christians in Kenya use the bible.                                    (5mks)
  • Swearing leaders to office/oath
  • Used in courts of law
  • Used in religious ceremonies eg weddings, baptism etc
  • It is text book for students and teachers.
  • Used to instruct new converts.
  • Christian hymns/songs are derived from the bible
  • used in preaching
  • It is a Christian literature eg Christians’ magazine used it to support their message.
  • Used in guidance and counselling
  • reading it to others
  • It is a medium of communication ie God uses it to communicate to Christians.
  • Name five Deuterocanonical books used by the Catholics                                                    (5mks)

  • Esdras
  • 1st  Macabees
  • 2nd  Macabees
  • Ecclesiasticus
  • Tobit
  • wisdom
  • Buruch
  • Identify five historical books in the old testament                                                               (5mks)

  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth
  • 1st  Samuel
  • 2nd  Samuel
  • 1st &2nd Kings
  • 1st & 2nd Chronicles
  • Ezra
  • Nehemiah
  • Esther
  • Give five versions of the bible used by Christians in Kenya today                                       (5mks)

  • Revises standard version
  • Good news
  • Holy Bible
  • Jerusalem
  • New International version
  • Jerome
  • king James version
  • the living bible
  • common bible
  • new English bible
  • Gideons bible
  • African bible
  • new American
  • authorized
  • Identify five responsibilities given to human beings in the Genesis stones of creation.        (5mks)  
  • To procreate
  • to conserve the environment
  • to obey God
  • to rule over the creations
  • to cultivate the lands
  • to marry
  • to eat from the fruits provided in the garden
  • to give names to animals and birds
  • Outline five differences in the two accounts of creation in Genesis 1and 2                          (5mks)
  • In the 1st God use word power while in the 2nd use substance.
  • In the 1st man and woman were created at the same time, while in the 2nd male was created first then the female later form man’s rib as a companion.
  • In it the purpose of manage is procreation.
  • In 2nd it is companionship.
  • In the 1st man was created last – 2nd he is the first be created.
  • In 1st, God rested on the seventh day and is observed as the Lords Sabbath in 2nd there is no Sabbath mentioned.
  • In 1st – God gives names to what he orders to be , 2nd – man is ordered to give name to all that God created.
  • In the 1st – human beings are to subdue the earth.
  • 2nd – God confines them in the Garden of Eden.
  • In 1st creation is completed in 6 days in 2nd no number of days given
  • 1st no forbidden tree 2nd there is a forbidden tree
  • In 1st – God creates in unity with the holy spirit. In 2nd he was alone.
  • In what ways are human beings special than other creatures from the Genesis stories

of creation                                                                                                                               (5mks)

  • Made in the image and likeness of God
  • Given privilege of communicating with God in prayer
  • Man was created to have fellowship with God/ God would visit him in the gardens.
  • Was give freedom and intelligence to choose good from evil
  • Was blessed and commanded to multiply
  • Was more dignified in that he walks upright
  • He is a co –creator with God through precreation/planting trees
  • Given privileged to name animals
  • Given dominion over rest of creation.
  • He shares life with God in that God breathed his own breath into his nostrils
  • Was given a special/ ordained relationships of marriage
  • Identify five causes of evil in Kenya today                                                                            (5mks)

  • Poverty/ wealth
  • Corruption
  • Disobedience/rebellion
  • inability forgive others
  • influence from media/ foreign culture
  • peer pressure/wrong choices
  • unemployment
  • permissiveness in the society
  • influence of drug and substances above
  • poor role models
  • lack of guidance/counselling poor upbringing
  1. Outline the promises of God to Abraham.                                                                              (5mks)
  2. Would give him a son
  3. make his name great
  4. bless those who bless him and curse those who cures him/protect him
  5. would give him many descendants
  6. Would give him long life/would die in peace and be buried at a good old age
  7. all families of the earth would be blessed through him
  8. Some of his descendants would become kings.
  9. God would establish and everlasting covenant with him.
  10. Identify five characteristics of a covenant.                                                                             (5mks)

  • Promises/oath
  • participants/two parties
  • A seal
  • sign/symbol
  • a ceremony
  • consequence
  • witness/sses
  1. Give five reasons why Moses was unwilling to go back to Egypt.                                        (5mks)
  2. He had killed an Egyptian
  3. pharaoh had wanted to kill him feared for his life
  4. feared Israelites would not believe that God hand sent him
  5. was not an eloquent speaker
  6. feared Israelite would not accepted him as their leader
  7. Lacked confidence in himself
  8. Lacked enough knowledge about Yahweh
  9. It was a difficult task
  10. He was already settled in median and had a family/ content with his life
  11. Identify five lessons that Christians learn about God from the call of Moses.                       (5mks)

  • God hears/responds to the cry of his people
  • God uses events to reveal himself
  • God is holy/pure
  • works through people
  • Does not give people impossible tasks
  • protects his people/care/loving
  • God is powerful
  • Punishes the enemies of his people
  • He is beyond human understanding transcendent
  • Faithful to his promises
  • He’s omnipresent
  • He is omniscience (all knowing)
  • He demands total obedience and faith
  • He has power over nature.
  1. Identify five ways in which God revealed himself to the Israelites at Mt Sinai.                    (5mks)

  • Thunder
  • Lighting
  • earth quake
  • loud trumpet blast
  • thick cloud
  • fire
  • smoke
  • God spoke to Moses
  1. List Five commandments given to the Israelites that teach on how to relate to one another.(5mks)
  2. Honour your father and mother
  3. You shall not kill
  4. you shall not steal
  5. you shall not commit adultery
  6. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
  7. You shall not covet your neighbours wife/property
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