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Essay on a Man of Awesome Power: Power used for Wrong Purposes- A Silent Song

When one is given power, he/she should use it only for good but more often than not people use it for wrong purposes. Support this statement basing your argument from Naguib Mahfouz’s ‘A Man of Awesome Power’

Many people who are in powerful positions or who have been gifted with some sort of power tend to abuse it. Instead of utilizing it for improvement of the society at large, they use it for their own selfish interests or to punish those that have wronged them. same scenario is seen in ‘A Man of Awesome Power through a number of illustrations.

We see Tayyib al- Mahdi utilizing the power given to him for revenge. This is not a good a way of power utilization as it causes harm to others. Tayyib realizes that he has power to order things to be and he sets out to utilize the power to change’ his country. However, the first episode where he utilizes this power shows that he is utilizing it to hit back at a person who offends him. The driver of the taxi that he hails suffers his wrath for refusing to stop. When Tayyib is on his way to the heart of the town, he hails a taxi but the driver simply waves a hand at him in haughty refuses. Tayyib’s irritation makes him stare at the rear wheels of the taxi and the two explode suddenly.

He ignores the voice that reminds him that he should only use his power for good and lets his anger control him. This act of revenge was deliberate since as Tayyib bypasses the driver he feels that he has taught the man a lesson. By utilizing his power to hit back at the taxi driver, Tayyib shows that people with power use it for wrong purposes.

We further see wrong utilization of power where Tayyib causes the man in the bus to suffer stomach pains. Although the man had physically attacked a woman, causing him to suffer stomach cramps not justified. Tayyib encounters a confrontation between the man and a woman in a public bus and the man ends up slapping the woman. Just like the incident with the taxi driver, Tayyib lets his anger        control him where he focused it on the man’s stomach and immediately the man suffers severe cramps that cause him to moan and scream in pain. The pain is so

intense that an ambulance had to be called to fetch him•

Allowing his anger to control him and causing pain to the man who had slapped a woman is a vengeful act which is wrong thus showing how people with power use it for wrong purposes.

Beside, Tayyib uses the power bestowed on him to interfere with the radio presentation by causing the presenter to start sneezing. While seated in the café, he hears a radio announcer expounding on the developments that were to be expected in the future. Tayyib feels that the announcer should report on what has been achieved yet instead of giving false hopes to the people. Tayyib thus decides to cause some sneezing to attack the announcer since it was the only way to stop him.

Soon after, the announcer develops massive sneezes that prevent him from carrying on with the presentation. Tayyib feels happy and victorious after the unexpected conclusion of the announcement. Although his desire is to purify the broadcasting sector, the approach of causing massive sneezing to the presenter is harmful and thus wrong.

Lastly, Tayyib is seen to use the power given to him to satisfy his sexual passion and desires. Tayyib utilizes the power to make a woman that he is attracted to notice him. While he is seated at the tea garden planning how to effectively use his power, Tayyib notices a beautiful woman approaching the entrance of the garden. The woman does not notice him at first and Tayyib thinks of how through his powers he can cause her to be head -over-heels with him. He then sends her a hidden message and she responds to him. He sees nothing wrong with satisfying his desires as a way of repairing himself. He closes his note book and they surrender to fate, This is an immoral act since Tayyib is married to Haniya whom he had remained faithful to throughout their marriage.

People gifted with power should strive to use it only for good purposes and not to cause pain and suffering to others or for immoral deeds like Tayyib did.

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