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Essay: Action Speaks Louder than Words- A Silent Song

Action speaks louder than words. Discuss the truth of this saying using  illustrations from Leonard Kibera’s A Silent Song. (20 marks)

The character of an individual tells more than what they actually say. Mbane’s brother, Ezekiel, preaches water and takes wine. He is so devoted to God as a preacher, but neglects Mbane, to agonize in the streets for a long time until he almost dies.

When he brings Mbane to his hut claiming to rescue him from the barbaric city in order that he can see the light of God, the blind beggar starts to feel more lonely and miserable in the desolate environment. The desolate hut is not a habitable place for him as it has a flea-ridden floor. One wonders why he cannot live with his own brother in his own house! This action tells that the preacher does not love his brother.

It ironical for Ezekiel to keep preaching to his blind brother about Christ and salvation instead of first saving him from the harsh street beggary. Ezekiel seems to have already judged him as a sinner and that “Christ” will come down from heaven to do the good to him. Mbane dies miserably without much help from his brother.

This is least expected from a man of God who should Have preached to his brother through actions of care and concern.

Ezekiel portrays religious hypocrisy since Christians would not throw insults and abuses to God’s people when they don’t agree with them on some issue, or when they do not show that they believe in Jesus Christ. When Mbane shows no interest in Christ, his brother tells him he is worse than a Judas. EIT1is lack of patience for a Christian, especially a preacher, is not morally acceptable.

Another action that tells of the preacher’s action is the meaning in his silence later as Mbane nears his death. Christians, good men and women on a Christmas morning, also display pretense in the way they curse and call him names instead of bringing the good knowledge of Christ to him. They claim, in his hearing, that he is an able-bodied person, only crippled more daily by the idleness of leisurely begging. He could only yearn impotently beyond the reach of darkness and lameness. At times, self-pity overcomes him. To him, the God of the Gospel and religion are comforts beyond his reach as a cripple. His God is his only hope of deliverance from pain, destitution and despair. The people’s actions discourage him about Christianity which they profess but not practice.

In conclusion, the true gospel is the action of an individual because it is more practical than mere words. Actions work and satisfy the heart more than proclaiming the word of God.

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