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Some cultural practices do not add value hence should be done away with. Show the truthfulness of this assertion basing on Eric Ng’maryo’s ‘Ivory Bangles’. (20 marks)

Culture keeps people together and governs their way of life thus is important. However, there are some traditions that are of no benefit and in some cases such traditions cause harm to people who continue to embrace them as is the case in Ivory Bangles]

For this reason, such traditions should be discarded. Polygamy is one such cultural practice that has continued to be embraced yet it has no value. We realize that the community in the story holds in high esteem this practice. As such, a man who does not ascribe to it is seen to be a topic of discussion:

This comes out clear where the old man who is a respected Chief’s councillor is talked about because he had only one wife. According to the story, it was unheard- of for someone as powerful as the old man- a small chief, to have only one wife. However, this value is seen to have no value since the old man is happy in his marriage and he really loves his wife to the extent that he gifted her twenty-four ivory bangle Besides, the riddle used by old man when responding to the Chief’s demand that he marries another wife shows that polygamy causes harm.

The riddle’s interpretation A wife, a co-wife, witchcraft and death points to the harmful effects of the practice. As such, polygamy should be abolished as it causes harm and adds no value. Another cultural value that has no value is believe in the seer and the act of seeking his guidance. The old man goes to seek the advice of the seer after noticing some blood specks in the he-goat that he slaughtered, He does this since his people, believed in him as their tribal seer and their priest. We also see how valued he is when the old man’s wife dismisses his demands. The old man harshly rebukes her telling her that the seer is the mouthpiece of their departed fathers, we however {see that this belief him.

While he is seated at the tea garden planning how to effectively use his power, Tayyib notices a beautiful woman approaching the entrance of the garden. The woman does not notice him at first and Tayyib thinks of how through his powers he can cause her to be head -over-heels with him. He then sends her a hidden message and she responds to him. He sees nothing wrong with satisfying his desires as a way of repairing himself. He closes his note book and they surrender to fate, This is an immoral act since Tayyib is married to Haniya whom he had remained faithful to throughout their marriage.

People gifted with power should strive to use it only for good purposes and not to cause pain and suffering to others or for immoral deeds like Tayyib did.