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Essay on: Ninema is an Admirable Character-A Silent Song

Ninema is an admirable character. Write an essay in Support of this from Vrenika Pather’s ‘Ninema’ 20marks. (A Silent Song)

Ninema is an outstanding character who is liked by many of the people she associates with. We see many good traits that she portrays in the story “Ninema”.

To start with, Ninema is presented as a principled person. She does not let the behaviours and traits of others change what she believes in. Her business manner is unique only to her, and she does not change it to fit or be like others. Although she was one of the traders, something about her was different.

She ran her business with an iron fist which made some people like her while others disliked her, -Tie people’s reactions do not affect her as she remains herself. ‘The ladies in the stalls admire _her mainly because they had gotten compromised at work and home.

In addition, Ninema is admirable since she is organised. She plans her work early enough, making it easy to run her business.

She wakes up early in the morning to reap the herbs that she takes to the market for the day. She organises her herbs in an appetising way, which draws many customers to here She does not chat with other ladies aimlessly, which would waste her time. She plans to ensure the stall is organised before she takes her breakfast.

Once her stall is ready and only when ready, she takes sips of the tea she had brought. Her meals are packed early in the morning, which points to this organised personality. She packs tea and some sandwiches that she takes for lunch.

Ninema is also admirable since she is skilful . She handles different customers masterfully, thus making her earn their loyalty. She can handle Mr Chinran, infatuated with her, by treating him with respect and appreciation instead of encouraging his infatuation. She also handles Mrs Singh firmly but respectively, thus winning her even though Mrs Singh is difficult and troublesome. Ninema’s ability to entice a new customer by offering an extra bunch of mint for free shows that she is skilful in business, thus making her admirable as a trader.

Lastly, Ninema is seen to be courageous, making her admirable. When a man sexually harasses her, she does not let him go scot-free. She follows the man who pinches her erect nipple and hits him with the only weapon at hand — her Chumpal, which makes the man too astounded to react. The other women hawker jeer and cheer as Ninema repeatedly hits the man. She even gives him extra hits on behalf of all the women, thus depicting her as the fighter of her rights and those for others.

By following the man and hitting him with her sandal, Ninema shows her courage.

From the story, Ninema is genuinely seen to be admirable due to her courageous, skilful, organised and moral nature.

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