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English Form 1 Exams Papers Download Free 2021

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Form One Composition (20mks)

Write a composition beginning with. The patterns on the school gate appeared to smile at me on my
arrival. I knew my first day at school……

Form One Term Two Comprehension Exam

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

We are often advised to be confident; confidence comes when we feel passionately about what we perform, what we have achieved, and what we can offer.

Lack of confidence can hinder a lot of things, ranging from how you get ahead in your career to the number of skills you are able to acquire.  It is a determining factor in the way you direct your career.  Confidence is conveyed from inner to the outer through the words you speak and the posture you assume.  Building confidence is not a one day affair.  Neither does it take other people to build your confidence.

I remember an interview I once conducted for secretaries, and the memory of one woman is intact.  She stammered from the point she entered the office to the moment she left.  Thinking that it was interview jitters, we called her again, based on her technical qualifications rather than her presentation. She presented the same problem.  We settled on a different candidate because confidence was a key qualification for the job which involved dealing with clients and colleagues.

Not many entry-level and first-time job seekers are coached or tutored on how to gain more self-confidence.  Instead, we tell them to “attend a few events, meet more people, and get the hang of it.”  That is not the right approach.  Often, by the time you “get the hang of it,” you will have probably ruined a few chances, stepped on a few toes, and generally spoilt a few opportunities.  Confidence starts from within, which means working with yourself to find an effective method on your capabilities.

Having had quite some experience interviewing and being interviewed, I have developed three sure-fire ways that not only help me before an interview, but improve my general self-confidence.    You must start with one as you progress and eventually build your own self-confidence.  

I have learnt that confidence begins with pushing yourself towards positive attitude.  Before an interview, I tell myself that I am capable of great things, great performance, and that the interview is only a little chat I must have to get the job.  Not only do I talk myself into entering the interview room, but I also talk myself into achieving success, whether or not I need the job.  About 90 percent of the time, I have been successful in interviews.

Doubting oneself only leads to criticizing oneself, which plants deep roots that can 

be almost impossible to weed out.  My mentor always used to say, “You are what you think you are.”

Secondly, beginning with one small step rather than giant leaps will ensure that you tackle interviews and first jobs with a lot of self-confidence.  There are two ways to go through this. The first one has to do with something that you like doing, such as writing a song.  However, this should not be just any song but a new one created out of your love for music.  My personal pre-interview confidence boost is to cook something that I have never tried before.  This boosts my self-confidence to new levels.  After achieving that particular goal, you must pat yourself on the back.

The third step to building confidence involves holding onto that little surge of confidence.  Once you have tackled what you have previously found to be difficult, then the next step would be to focus on building your self confidence a lot further. Ensure that this becomes not only a monthly confidence boost, but a daily one because, as we are all programmed, we must build our self-confidence habitually to maintain it.  Routines have been known to help anybody to acquire and maintain confidence.

Sample Questions for Form One English

 (a)    What is confidence according to the passage?                (2 marks)

(b)    How is confidence conveyed?                        (2 marks)


 c) What suggestions are given to first-time job seekers to help them in gaining 

   more self-confidence?                   (3marks)

(d)    What does the writer identify as the major hindrance to confidence?    (1 mark)

(e)    According to the writer what two key qualifications were they looking for in the interview for secretaries.                        (4 marks)

  1. Identify the three ways the writer mentions that help before an interview and improve in self confidence. (3 marks)

Form One English Poetry Questions

Read the poem below and then answer the questions that follow.


Does it matter? -losing your legs?
For people will always be kind,
And you need not show that you mind
When others come in after hunting
To gobble their muffins and eggs.

Does it matter? -losing you sight?
There’s such splendid work for the blind;
And people will always be kind,
As you sit on the terrace remembering
And turning your face to the light.

Do they matter-those dreams in the pit?
You can drink and forget and be glad,
And people won’t say that you’re mad;
For they know that you’ve fought for your country,
And no one will worry a bit.

By Siegfried Sassoon

Write three pairs of rhyming words in the above poem?                       ( 2mks)


  1. Describe repetition as used in the poem?                                   (2mks)

c) What is the meaning of the word gobble?     (1mk)

ORAL SKILLS Exam for Form 1

(a) For each of the following words below, write another that is pronounced the same way but spelt differently. 3mks)

a)  one-

b)  eight-

c) aren’t-

b)Read the following and answer the questions that follow. (8mks)

challenge:   Riddle ! Riddle! 

Response : Say it!

Riddle : Bad skin, bad meat , sweet soup

Answer :

  1. Identify the above genre . (1mk)

  1. Give an answer to the riddle above. (1mk)

  1. Give four functions of riddles. (3mks)

4. What are the features of riddle? (3mks)

5. Identify the steps forllowed during a riddling session (5mks)

Form 1 GRAMMAR Revision Paper– Download

 A)   Complete the following sentences by filling in the blank with a, an, or  the where necessary.         (3marks)

  1. It is………………………. honour to work for big companies.
  2. Jane did not have ……………….. luggage when she arrived from up-country.
  3. The boy bought…………………….pair of trousers.
  4. ……………………….President has travelled to Uganda.

B) Rewrite the following sentences using pronouns where necessary to avoid repetition of nouns in the sentences.    (3marks)

a)Mr Mwangi looked at the book and Mr Mwangi knew the book was his.

b)The girl baked the bread and the girl gave it to us.

c)The students were unhappy when the students failed the examination

C)  Complete the following sentences by filling in the blank with the plural form of the nouns in brackets.  (4marks)

a) The farmer has three…………………………….. on her farm.(calf)

b) Many…………………………were lost in the road accident.(life)

c)The school has three……………………………… (ox)

d)The fishermen caught a lot of……………………………. during the rainy season.(fish)

D) Choose the correct alternative from the brackets to fill in the gaps (3mks)

i)My father………………………not smoke. (do, does)

ii)Neymar …………………………football. (play, plays)

iii)My children…………………………to school by bus. (go, goes)

e) Rewrite these sentences in the past tense form. (3mks)

i) Miano prefers to swim early in the morning.

ii) Whenever the president visits a school he plants a tree.

iii) Are you planning to attend the trade fair this year?

f) Punctuate the following sentences. (3mks)

i) mukami is a pretty girl

ii) it took him four years three months to become a doctor

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