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Download Form 2 English Term 1-3 Exams

English Exams for free download. We have a list of Term 1-3 Exams for form 2 and marking schemes for form two revision. Get many editable 2021 exam papers testing Form two English grammar, comprehension, poetry, oral skills and functional writing.

Functional Writing Form 2 Exam– Letter of Apology

You went out for games, the teacher gives  you  permission to do some shopping, this permission is for only 20 minutes but you exceed the limited time and you find the teacher and the other students have been waiting for you for almost one hour. Write an apology letter giving a reason as to why you delayed at the shopping center. (20mks)

Form Two Cloze Test Exam

Use the most appropriate word to fill in each blank spaces in the following passage(10mks)

Okonkwo was tall_________huge and his bushy eyebrows and wide nose gave him a_________severe look. He breathed_____________and it was said that, when he slept, his wives and_____________in the outer houses could______________him breath. when he____________was going to pounce on somebody. And he did pounce on people quite often.he_____________a slight stammer and whenever he was angry and could not get his words out  quickly enough ,he would______________his fist .He had___________patience with unsuccessful men. He had no patience with his father.

Oral Skills Form Two Exams Download

identify five pairs of words that have the same pronunciation  from the list below(5mks)

  • Whale rain pause Way
  • tail draft Why missed
  • wail Reign mist ore
  • Pose air till Bawl
  • ball draught

(ii) Identify the silent in the consonant in the following word (5mks)

  1. Wednesday
  2. Buffet
  3. Resign
  4. Isle
  5. Wrist


Grammar Questions Form Two Term 3

Rewrite the following sentences to express future.

  1. The student (open) school tomorrow.(present simple)
  1. Judy was not at the concert.(use will+be)
  1. I( go ) visit my uncle this afternoon.
  1. The teacher (talk) to you about subject choices later.(will+be)
  1. They (stop) by your house later.(use be + ing)

Order the adjectives in the following sentences.

  1. She wore a ____________________________________________ dress.(evening, red, silk).
  2. Tirop wanted his _____________________________________ boots. (French, ski)
  3. The house I bought has __________________________________________ furniture.(old, brown)
  4. She got a _______________________________________________ costume. (nylon, black, swimming )
  5. He wore a ________________________________ tie on his wedding day.( woolen , blue).
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