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CRE Topical Questions and Answers-Old Testament Prophecies about the Messiah

1.         6ways in which Jesus fulfilled the old  testament prophesies about the coming of the messiah                                                         

  • it was  born  from David’s  lineage
  • angel  Gabriel  repeated  title  used prophet  Isaiah
  • Jesus  himself  read aloud the  scroll of prophets  Isaiah
  • Jesus was born  in Bethlehem  in the city of David
  • Jesus was born  of a virgin/young  women  according to  prophet Isaiah (isa10:11)
  • Jesus was a  righteous  ruler  and  a descendent  of David according  to Jeremiah(jer23:5-6)

2.         Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of prophet Isaiah about the Messiah;               

  1. Prophet Isaiah prophesized about a young woman conceiving and bearing a son (Isaiah &:14). This was fulfilled when Mary a virgin conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit and bore a son Jesus
  2. Prophet Isaiah prophesized that he shall be called Emmanuel which means God with us. Jesus was born and called Emmanuel
  3. Isaiah prophesized about the righteous descendants who was to have supernatural titles such as wonderful counselor, mighty God, eternal father and prince of peace. This was fulfilled in the birth and life of Jesus Christ
  4. Isaiah outlined the character of the Messiah Isaiah 61:1-12 as having the spirit of God/ anointed by God/ sent to preach the good news to the poor/ bring liberty to the captives/ proclaim the year of favour from God. In Luke 4:16-18, Jesus said this has been fulfilled through himself                

3.         (a) The Jewish  leaders understood the term messiah                                                                                   

  1. Political leader
  2. Rule from Jerusalem
  3. Temporary Jews Kingdom
  4. Descendant of David
  5. After Elijah’s return
  6. Not associate with sinners – gentiles
  7. Uphold Judaism
  8. Miracle worker
  9. Cosmic signs
  10. Rich not poor

4          The concept of the Messiah in the New Testament                                         

  • The Jews expected a political messiah to liberate them against foreign rules
  • The messiah would rule with justice and righteousness as promised by the prophets of the Old Testament
  • Jesus is the promised messiah who came as a suffering servant
  • Luke state that Jesus was a descendant of King David who was destined to rule forever
  • Jesus was born of a virgin in the city of David, Bethlehem.
  • The angel of the Lord assured the shepherds that Jesus was the saviour of the world
  • Zachariah and Mary declare that the promised salvation had arrived through Jesus Christ.
  • The prophet Simeon and prophetess Anna recognized baby Jesus as the promised messiah of Israel
  • The disciples of Jesus recognized him as the Christ (messiah) of God
  • Jesus declared that his kingdom was not of this world/he was not a political leader/he was a spiritual
  • leader.
  • Jesus referred to himself as the son of man as a sign of submission to suffering and death in accordance with the will of God.
  • Jesus is portrayed by Luke as the messiah for all people not just for the Jews /Jesus as the saviour of all who   believe in him, the poor, the rich, orphaned, Jews, gentiles, oppressed, young, and old.         

5.         Ways in which Jesus fulfilled prophecies of the suffering servant of Yahweh according

              to Isaiah 53                                                                                                              

  1. He bore the sins of human beings
  2. He submissively bore suffering and disgrace
  3. He was despised and rejected
  4. He was mocked and spat on
  5. He was perceived and wounded on his sides
  6. He was buried in a rich man’s tomb
  7. He was innocent yet treated as a criminal
  8. Through his wounds many have been healed
  9. Through him the everlasting Kingdom was established
  10. He has been exalted and now sits at the right hand of God        

6.         a) JESUS fulfilled Isaiah prophecy of the suffering servant                         

  1. He bore the sins of human beings
  2. He delivered humanity by dying on the cross
  3. He submissively bore suffering and disgrace
  4. He was despised and rejected
  5. He was mocked and spat on
  6. He was pierced and wounded in
  7. He was crucified with thieves
  8. He was innocent of sins and yet he was treated as acriminal
  9. He was born of a virgin woman
  10. He was of the lineage of David
  11. He established justice on earth
  12. He performed miracles    

7.         (a) References which show Jesus as a fulfillment of Old   Testament about the Messiah.   

(i) The Old Testament prophecies that the Messiah would be born in the lineage of David/Jesus

     came from the lineage of David Lk. 1 : 26 – 27.

(ii) Nathan’s prophecy that God would make David’s descendant rule over Israel for ever/Angle

      Gabriel affirmed this to Marry during the annunciation. Lk. 1 : 32

(iii) Isaiah’s prophecy of the virgin conception /Angel Gabriel’s message to Mary that she                              would conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit.

(iv) Jesus was born in Bethlehem which was also the birth place of king David. Lk. 2 : 5.

(v) Jesus was hailed as Messiah descended from David by the blind beggar of

     Jericho. Lk. 18 : 38.

(vi) Isaiah’s prophecy of a Messiah who would bring salvation Lk. 2 : 29 – 32,. Simeon referred

      to this in the temple.

(vii) At the beginning of His ministry in Nazareth Jesus quoted from Isa. 61 : 1 – 2 to

        affirm that  he was the Messiah.

(viii) Jesus performed many miracles as prophesied in the Old Testament which shows that the

        Messianic age had come.

(ix) Isaiah prophecy of the suffering servant is fulfilled through the passion and death of Jesus.

8.         The Jewish concept of the Messiah

  1. The Messiah would be a political leader who would overthrow the Roman rule
  2. He would come from the lineage of David
  3. Would rule the world from Jerusalem
  4. Would come from a royal family
  5. Would lead Israel to political and economic prosperity
  6. Would come after the return of prophet Elijah
  7. Would perform miracles
  8. Would not associate with the poor, sinners and gentiles
  9. Would uphold Judaism/ law of Moses     

9.         7 ways through which Jesus fulfils the Old Testament prophecies about the             Messiah

  • He was born of a virgin as prophesized by Isaiah
  • Joseph the father of Jesus was a descendant of David
  • The same titles which were given by prophet Isaiah to the messiah are repeated by angel Gabriel as he announces the birth of Jesus to Mary
  • At Jesus’ birth his parents moved to Bethlehem the city of David and this fulfilled what prophet Micah had foretold (Micah 5:2)
  • Jesus referred to the Old Testament when he first entered the synagogue on the Sabbath day, he read Isaiah 61:1-3
  • The life, death and resurrection of Jesus are a clear fulfillment of what O.T prophets prophesized about him
  • His  shameful death on the cross is a fulfillment of Deutro Isaiah (Lk 23: 1-35)
  • The resurrection of Jesus fulfilled the O.T prophecy that at the end of all the suffering he would be restored at God’s side
  • Just as prophesized in O.T Jesus was rejected by his own people in Nazareth
  • Jesus refers to himself as the son of man which indicates his submission to suffering according to God’s will                                                                         (7×1=7 mks)       

10.        The ways in which an individual acquires life skills.                                               

            – Through education – basic education gives facts concerning skill such as decision making,

   creative thinking and interpersonal skills.

  • Religious instruction – this inculcates skills that contribute to spiritual and moral well being.
  • Observation – by observing behaviours or practical   life experience of other individual acquires desirable skills.
  • By practice – by deliberately putting into practice initiating desirable skills /doing what is learnt and internalizing the skills.
  • Ass media – by reading newspapers, watching educative Tv programs, listening to radio one can acquire life skills.
  • Personal experience – the economic, social and political experiences, a person goes through will consciously influence them to develop desirable skills.                            (6 x 1 = 6 mks)
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