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Computer Form 2 Questions and Answers End Term 1 Exam Free

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Computer Form Two Past Paper Questions with Marking Scheme

Form 2 Computer Exam SECTION A

1     State any three functions of a computer  (3 marks)

2   Give three reasons why a mobile phone is regarded to be a computer (3 marks)

3   List six factors to be considered when purchasing a microcomputer  (6 marks)

4   List down four functions of the uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)    (4 marks)

5   Name two main causes of fire in the computer laboratory and give 2 precautions that should

     be taken to guard against them   (4 marks)

6  (a) What are computer scanning devices?      (2 marks)

     (b) Name the type of scanner used:  (4 marks)

            (i) To capture prices of goods at points of sale terminals in supermarkets and superstores

             (ii) To grade multiple choice examination

7   a) Give two reasons for partitioning a disk  (2 marks)

8  a) What are turnaround documents?                   (2 marks)

    (b) Name any two data capture techniques that make use of turnaround documents     (4 marks)

9 State the functions of each of the following computer bus      (6 marks)

     i) Data bus-

     ii) Address bus-

     iii) Control bus

10  Highlight four factors one should consider when purchasing a printer  (4 marks)

11 Define the following terms     (6 marks)

     (a)   Port    

     (b)   Data interface cable

    (c)    Power cable

  1. Differentiate between ‘superscript’ and ‘subscript in text formatting            (4 marks)
  1. Differentiate between Drawing and Inserting a table in a document     (4 marks)

14 Explain any three line spacing specification used in Microsoft Word    (6 marks)

15 Define the following terms as used in a worksheet:           (6 marks)

     i)   Columns

     ii)    Rows

     iii)  Cell

Form 2 Computer Questions SECTION B

16 Study the worksheet below and answer the questions that follow:

2                                  SKYWAYS AGENCIES

i)     Write functions that can be entered to get total, maximum, and average of each region      (6 marks)

ii)    Write down the function that returns the number of sales in the four regions whose value is greater

             than or equal to 2000  (2 marks)

     iii)   The function = sum (B4:E4) is entered at F5 and then copied to F8  Write down the function as it appears in the destination cell                             (2 marks)

17 Identify and explain five areas where computers are used to process data      (10 marks)

18  a)   Define the following terms:                                                                                                   (6 marks)

         (i)  Nibble

         ii) Bit

          iii) Word length

     b) What is the difference between OCR and MICR?   (4 marks)

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