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2022 KCSE Prediction English pp1 answers

English- Paper  1

Marking  Scheme


      FORMAT                                                                              (8MKS)

  • Title                                                                                        (1mk)
  • (Report on the poor hygiene….etc)
  • Introduction                                                                          (1mk)
  • Method                                                                                  (1mk)
  • Findings                                                                                 (1mk)
  • Summary and conclusion                                                   (1mk)
  • Recommendations                                                               (1mk)
  • Report complied by /etc                                                     (1mk)
  • Sate                                                                                         (1mk)

CONTENT                                                                           (8MKS)

  • Who commissioned the report/why?                              (1mk)
  • Constitution of investigating committee                          (1mk)
  • Methods of gathering data                                                             (1mk)
  • Findings – at least two well presented                             (2mks)
  • Summary and conclusion                                                   (1mk)
  • Recommendations – 2- to findings                                                (2mks)
  • (Must offer logical solutions to findings)
  • Language (4mks) (tied to performance in the body and format)

2.         Cloze test (10mks)

            1. This

            2. it

            3. draw/attract

            4. off

            5. any

            6. against

            7. decency

            8. accent

            9. possibility

            10. construed

  • aabbccddeeff – The poem has a regular rhyme scheme.
  • Repetition –   Make…make


I could not rest if…

Alliteration – make me ….(No mark without the underline)

            Assonance – Rise      Like…

Consonance – …not rest…

  1. – Nodding their heads
  2. Clapping
  3. Laughing or expressing sadness where necessary
  4. Stamping their feet
  5. Maintaining eye contact with the recitor                         (Any 2 x 1mk)
  • – I would use a falling intonation.
  • I would stress the words rise, curse, trembling and air since they carry the meaning of the line.                                                                        (Any 1 x 2mks)

(The answer should begin with: I would….)

  • i) Falling

ii) Falling

iii) Falling

iv) Rising

  • Corps – p, s

Parliament – i

Leopard – 0

Fracas– s

  • i) Berry

ii) Clause



  • i) It was the lady and not any other person.

ii) The dress was not of any other colour other than red.

iii) It was a purse and not any other thing.

  • i) Gate

ii) Shepherd

  • i) James is not a keen listener

ii) James does not respond to Muthomi’s concerns. James is unconcerned with the dialogue.           

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