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2022 KCSE Prediction English pp3 Marking schemes

English- Paper  3

Marking  Scheme

Question 1

  1. – Must be a story,if not deduct (4mks)
  2. Must begin with the story given in the first paragraph,deduct  2 mrks
  3. It should be about an extra – ordinary thing that happened the night like an attract or robbery.
  •       – candidates must write an introduction that should be an explanation not a       definition.
  • He or she should develop the points raised in the body i.e expect a discussion taking the structure of identification,explanation and giving evidence illustration and examples to support the points given.
  • Further the candidates must demonstrate ability to use language pleasantly and effectively.
  • There should be a conclusion on the essay.

2. Resian in the Blossoms of the savannah seems to experience several challenging situations in her life.  In the scenarios she seems resolute in her actions as shown in the following ways.

Oloisudori declares his intention of marrying her at an early age.  This follows after he changes his initial plan: extorting Kaelo.  He demands that she should first be circumcised so as to get rid of her state as nemengalana intoiye.  He intends to use anesthesia to make her unconscious and grab her.  Resian resolves not to be married.  She tells Oloisudori point blank that she cannot be his wife.  She returns the gifts that he had earlier brought and escapes to her father;s shop.  Her father beats her so as to submit to the marriage,but Resian remains steady is her decision.  A number of callous youth in Nasila wish to assult resian and Taiyo.  In the first days,Resian and Taiyo take a walk around uncle simiren compound.  All of a sudden a young man emerges from the blues and grabs Taiyo.  Resian order the callous youngman to release Taiyo immediately.  The Young man has no option but to give in though he promises to revisit his grave decision.

Though in a dream,enkamuratani and other two women surround Resian to circumcise her holding an olmurunya.  Although Resian is in a strange land and is defenseless she does her best to combat the situation.  Determined,Resian twists enkamuratani’s hand with an intention of ensuring that she does not initiate other girls in the future.  She knocks the old witch using a mallet as well as fights the third woman until she disappears.

Olarinkoi disappears with Resian to a far hut in the forest.  He locks her up and returns very late in the night while drank.  Once he returns,he is in his mission of raping her.  He unzips and this gesture sets her trembling.  She bites Olarinkoi’s thumb so that the pain reduces his action of rape.  Owing to the fact that Resian had earlier witnessed Olarinkoi’s fiery attacks when he dealt with two callous men,it calls for a lot of determination on the part of Resian to tackle him.  

In summary,from the above illustrations it is evident that Resian suffers rough     challenging times in her life but she deals with all these situations with   determination.

3 (a)     Short Story


            At tinmes people drives others to their deaths without consciously knowing what            they are doing. This is the case with Esteban whose death can be blames on the villagers.


  • Estaban had been uncomfortable getting  into the village houses because the doors were small for him and he had to get in sideways and at times would hit his head on cross beams.
  • The chairs in the village were weak for Estaban, something that made him feel out of place in his huge size. He had to stand most of the time as others sat.
  • The women always talked negatively about him. They did not appreciate his presence in the homes and reffered to him as “big boob” or “handsome fool.”
  • The men seem remorseful also for making Esteban feel out of place, in the village even clothes would not fit  him and the narrator says, “…….it was not his fault that he was so big or so heavy  or so handsome” (Pg 141). Both the men and the women blame themselves for not making him fit in the village.


            Knowingly or subconsciously the villagers made Estab feel out of place. They seem to             admit this in the end and give him a good send off after owning him. They also do             several things in his memory.

(b)  The Novel

            John Steinbeck: The pearl

      The Novel The pearl by John Steinbeck

      “Greed leads to evil.” Write a composition to show the truth of this          statement using illustrations from John steinbeck’s The Pearl.   (20mks)

      Accept a relevant introduction 

  • The doctor declines to treat kino’s child,coyotito,of the scorpion sting because he has no money (has only small worthless pearls).
  • The pearl buyers are out to take advantage of kino and his pearl.  Their goal is to cheat him and ruin his plans of happiness and peace for his family.
  • The doctor comes to take advantage of kino’s ignorance by making coyotito sick and pretending that his illiness is the result of the scorption sting.  He pretends as if he does not know of kino’s pearl,yet the only reason he has comes to treat Coyotito was to try and seek out where kino might be hiding it.
  • Kino is attacked several times as attackers want to rob him of the pearl of the world.
  • The pearl turns Juana and kino against one another.  At the beginning of the story,they are very close but the pearl divides them.  Kino attacks and injures his wife when she wants to throw it into the sea.
  • Kino is forced to kill a man to defend himself and the pearl.
  • His hut is burned after someone searching for the pearl has ransacked it.
  • Trackers follow kino and his family and they have to hide in the mountain.  Finally, Kino’s child is shot.

Accept a relevant conclusion.

(c)        Introduction

            Lacuna’s evil nature is a reflection of the evil nature of most of the leaders of failed             states.


  • Lacuna is tribalistic as seen from the people he has appointed to key positions. This is also reflected in the army.
  • Lacuna is very insensitive as he drives people from their homes to please the imperialists so as to get a loan.
  • Lacuna is brutal as he kills Judah Sen Melo to coerce his daughter Lulu to marry him.
  • He detains Lulu in the palace and also imprisons Daniel Goldstein and Robert Rollerstone.
  • Lacuna embezzles funds that he deposits in his own account and gives the rest to his cronies.
  • He rules with an iron fist and insits on having his way and say.
  • Any other relevant.


  • Lacuna is a true reflection of a bad leader.
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