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TSC Officials, Duties and Qualifications Interview Questions

TSC INTERVIEW NOTES-21 Questions and Answers


The person entering the teaching service shall:

  • Obtain a valid certificate of registration
  • Possess the relevant qualifications prescribed by the commission
  • Possess a certificate of good conduct from the criminal investigation department
  • Meet the requirements of chapter six of the constitution.


  • A teacher shall comply with the following performance standards:
  • Take out teaching certificate from the commission
  • Undertake Professional Development Programme prescribed by the commission
  • Possess the professional documents stipulated in the regulation 42 (1)(a)
  • Use the appropriate teaching and learning resources where available
  • Be proficient and possess mastery of the subject content
  • Have mastery of appropriate pedagogical skills
  • Be able to plan and effectively implement each teaching and learning activity, including the objectives, scope, timing, and teaching resources
  • Be able to assess, provide feedback and report to learners about achievement in learning
  • Be professional and adhere to ethical practice
  • Be prudent in the management of resources.


  • A teacher’s professional documents as stipulated in regulation 42(a)(i) of the COR are:
  • A certificate registration
  • Syllabi for the relevant cycle of education approved by the KICD
  • Schemes of work
  • Lesson plans
  • Lesson notes
  • Record of work
  • Learners progress records
  • Learners value added records
  • Class attendance register
  • Any other legal documents pertaining to education


  • The head of institution shall in performing the role of quality assurance within the institution:
  • Teach- undertake a reasonable teaching load
  • Assignment of teaching and other official duties to teachers
  • Supervise and ensure quality implementation of the curriculum
  • Develop the institutional plan and ensure that institutional academic targets and objectives are met.
  • Verify teachers’ professional documents
  • Supervise the actual coverage of syllabus
  • Ensure that teachers attend classes
  • Ensure that adequate teaching and learning materials approved by KICD are available for the implementation of curriculum.
  • Advice the commission on optimum curriculum based establishment in the institution
  • Update the commission and other stakeholders on institutional performance
  • Ensure a conducive teaching and learning environment in the institution
  • Induct new teachers and ensure mentoring programmes are in place on the professional requirements as outlined in the COR.
  • Offer guidance and be a role model to teachers
  • Implement educational policies and co-curricular programme developed by the cabinet secretary responsible for the time being for matters of education
  • Ensure maintenance of teaching standards and professional records by the teachers under his/her supervision.
  • Be the custodian of the institutional records and submit returns to the commission and approved agents as required
  • Produce all the relevant records and documents for inspection upon request
  • Appraise all teachers under their supervision
  • Offer technical advice to the Board of Management and other stakeholders in the institution to enable the institution to meet its objectives
  • Implement the resolutions of the board of management in his/her capacity as its secretary 
  • Ensure proper management and maintenance of institutional resources.
  • Perform any other role that may enhance teaching standards and professionalism among teachers.


  • Facilitate the processing of teacher registration and enforcement of requirements for teacher registration
  • Coordinate teacher recruitment at the county and ensure that the commission’s recruitment guidelines in force are adhered to
  • Maintain a data base of registered teachers including the unemployed teachers within the county
  • Manage aspects of teacher management as per the existing policy and guidelines within the county through recruitment, transfers, posting, receiving, and recommending teachers study leave, handling disciplinary matters as directed by secretary and identifying through a competitive process and recommending to the secretary, teachers to be deployed to administrative positions.
  • Implement guidelines issued by the commission from time to time
  • Maintain a data base of all administrative posts in the county
  • Maintain a data bank of all teacher vacancies available at the county
  • Coordinate identification and selection of candidates for Teacher Professional Development Courses within the county as per the guidelines issued by the commission from time to time
  • Coordinate teacher promotion under the common cadre establishment within the county
  • Ensure that teachers comply with the teaching standards prescribed by the commission
  • Monitor the conduct and performance of teachers at the county level
  • Oversee performance appraisal of teachers at the county level
  • Submit other reports related to performance of teachers at the commission may require from time to time
  • Transmit reports from heads of institution to the commission
  • Supervise teachers within the county
  • Advise respective county governments on matters relating to the teaching profession
  • Receive and transmit teachers’ documents for processing of pension and related dues
  • Perform other duty as may be assigned by the commission from time to time.


  • Facilitate the processing of teacher registration
  • Update and submit data on staffing levels to the county office
  • Assign teachers employed by the commission to public institutions within the sub-county
  • Co-ordinate teacher performance management activities within the sub-county
  • Investigate allegations of professional misconduct within the sub-county
  • Receive applications for transfer of service of teachers to public institutions for submission to the county office
  • Receive retirement documents for processing of pension and related dues and submit to the county office
  • Supervise staff within the sub-county office
  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the county director.


  • Ensure educational institutions comply with performance standards
  • Summon and interview teachers and any other person to provide information or material relating to standards assessment
  • Request from any teacher the production of any teaching documents and materials referred to in regulation 42(1)(a).
  • Carry out performance assessment and discuss the findings with the teacher concerned for purposes of corrective action and continuous improvement
  • Examine and record any teaching material or document that will assist in compiling a report for purposes of preventive and corrective action
  • Ensure maintenance of discipline and work ethics among teachers
  • Compile reports in respect of performance standards and assessment carried out and submit the same to the commission for appropriate action
  • Verify other reports from relevant agencies before the commission takes appropriate action
  • Conduct joint standard assessment with other relevant government agencies
  • Monitor performance of teachers in schools
  • Perform all other duties as may be necessary to promote standards in teaching profession.


  1. Identify the training needs of teachers and heads of institutions and advise the commission accordingly
  2. In liaison with the county director and school administrators, provide support services to teachers and to continuously advise on teaching techniques, selection of appropriate text books, lesson demonstrations and the challenges noted during assessment
  3. Organize and conduct, in conjunction with the county director, courses on curriculum delivery and implementation through seminars, workshops, retreats and in-service programmes
  4. Acquire appropriate resources including resource books, consumables, audio-visual aids and other materials necessary for teaching and learning
  5. Assist teachers to develop teaching aids and other reference materials
  6. Update teachers on curriculum changes, pedagogy, content coverage and any other emerging issues in the teaching service
  7. Develop work programmes for the curriculum support centres
  8. Visit schools, observe teaching techniques, give demonstrative lessons and advise teachers on the appropriate methods, techniques, and resources needed effective teaching and learning
  9. Assist teachers to develop and use appropriate teaching and learning materials
  10. Assist in the setting up and organization of subject panels and examination and assessment procedures in schools at the zonal level
  11. Provide professional guidance and counseling to teachers and disseminate information on curriculum, evaluation, text book selection and training
  12. Collect and submit data on school enrolment, staff establishment, staff changes and other related information
  13. Participate in the organization and management of co-curricular activities
  14. Work with quality assurance and standards officer to improve teaching and learning
  15. Enter an institution to perform demonstrative lessons to teachers for classroom practice
  16. Prepare regular progress reports for transmission to the county director
  17. Perform all other duties as may be necessary to promote standards in the teaching profession.


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