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Describe Digestion of Meat: Mouth to Blood Stream- Biology Essay Questions

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Digestion of Beef in the Mouth

  1. The food is mechanically broken down by chewing and grinding
  2. It is moistened by saliva;

Digestion of Meat in the Stomach

In the stomach, beef is:

  1. mixed with gastric juice and hydrochloric acid;
  2. Pepsin in gastric juice breaks proteins into peptides,
  3. Gastric Lipase breaks down fats to fatty acids;

Digestion in the deodenum

food passed to deodenum where

  1. Bile salts emulsify fats;
  2. Pancreatic trypsin breaks protein to peptides,
  3. lipase breaks fats to fatty acids.

Digestion in the Ileum

  1. Peptidase breaks peptides to amino acids,
  2. Lipase breaks fats to fatty acids and glycerol.
  3. Absorption fatty acids absorbed into lacteal of villi while amino acids enter capillaries
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