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Describe the Factors that Affect the Rate of Respiration in Man Biology Essay Questions

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  1. Oxygen concentration:  high oxygen results in high rate of respiration /  low oxygen leads to low respiration hence little energy.
  2. Age Affects Rate of Respiration:   Young organism require more energy for cell division / growth  hence high respiration /  old organisms require little energy thus low respiration
  3. Activity Affects Rate of Respiration:  resting organisms require less energy. Therefore they have low rate of respiration. Active body organs have higher mitochondria thus higher respiration.
  4. Hormone, Stress and excitement Affects Rate of Respiration: adrenaline and thyroxin increase rate of respiration / metabolism.
  5. Health;  Disease (sickness reduce rate of respiration due to toxins produced in the   body
  6. Surface Area to volume ratio Affects Rate of Respiration: smaller organism lose more heat hence high rate of respiration to replace energy lost. those with large bodies have less SA to Vol ratio and therefore have less rate of respiration.
  • Substrate concentration Affects Rate of Respiration: high sugar / glucose increase rate of respiration
  • Temperature Affects Rate of Respiration: High temperature denature enzymes hence reduces rate of respiration;
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