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Important Features of School System

Track student performance and progress

One of the most important aspects of a software is to track student’s performance on a regular basis. As a result, the school management system software must be smart enough to let the teacher analyse performance of each student and recognize performance trends.

This will help them to track the loop holes and help students grow in the right direction. Moreover, teacher should be able to compare the performance of a student in particular and know about the overall performance of the class in general.

Be flexible and adaptable

School software must as well be flexible enough to allow growth and addition of new features. The system should not be “rigid”. It should allow for new types of reports to be generated as needs arise.

Help in Interaction between Students , their Parents and Teachers

Technology should keep the parents updated about their child’s performance. Parents are alert and are trying to be in contact with the teacher all the time to know all about their child’s progress. 

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