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1. Use the map of East Africa below to answer questions (a)


  i) Name the national parks marked P, Q, and R                                                                 

2.         (a) State two differences between a National Park and a Game Reserve                                        

            (b) State three measures being taken to conserve wildlife in Kenya                                      

3.         (a) Differentiate between game reserves ands game parks                                                    

           (b) State three ways in which human activities are a threat to wildlife                                 

4.         (a) What is balance of payment?                                                                                                       

            (b) Identify three problems that face traders dealing with primary goods                           

5.         (a) Why are some parts of Kenya not developed for tourism?                                              

            (b) State two factors that hinder domestic tourism in Kenya.                                               

6.         (a) State three problems facing wildlife conservation in Kenya.                                         

            (b) State two human factors that have made Switzerland a major tourist destination.