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FORM 1 END OF TERM 3 2022 Exam-GEOGRAPHY Answers



END OF TERM 3 2022


Answer all the questions

  1. Identify two parts of environment                                                                                                  (2mks)
  2. Physical
  3. Human
  4. List two theories that explain the origin of solar system                                                  (2mks)
  5. Passing star theory
  6. Nebular clound theory
  • List the first, seventh and the nineth planet                                                                      (2mks)
  • 1- Mercury
  • 7 – Uranus
  • 9 – Pluto
  • Explain

a. Asteroids                                                                        (2mks)

  • small planet like objects also known planetoid

b. Comets                                                                           (2mks)

  • Orbit around the sun between planet – mars and Jupiter.
  • Explain 5 proofs that the earth is spherical.                                                                     (10mks)
  • Possible to fly or sail right round the earth following same direction come back to same point.
  • Ship approaching a don and observer standing on shift or on rail ground will see the whole ship.
  • Earth rotates form west to east appears earlier in east than west.
  • During eclipse of moon – shadow of the earth appears spherical shadows
  • Earth’s horizon is always circular
  • when moon is viewed through a telescope its appears round
  • Photographs taken by satellite at great distance show earth is round.
  • Explain five effects of rotation.                                                                                        (10mks)
  • Causes day and night one face of east faces the sun while in opposite remains dearkness
  • Causer difference of one hour between meridian 15 apast
  • causes deflection of winds and oceans currents
  • causes variation in the speed of air more speed is fastlist at the equator where earths diameter is longest and shortest.
  • Causes rising and falling of the earth tides the totation of the earth brings water surface under influence of high ans low tides during lunar eclipse
  • Explain three characteristics of northern summer.                                                           (6mks)
  • Regions north of equator have a longer day and shorter right
  • 21st of June when the sun is overhead along the tropic of overhead along the tropic of cancer all latitudes in Northern hemisphere have the longest day in the year.
  • The length of the day increase as latitudes increases until there a continuous day north or arctic circle.
  • In creen circle of equator the day are shorted than rights reaching climax at Antarctic Circle 24hrs of right.
  • a. list five element of weather.                                                                                         (5mks)
  • Temparature
  • Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Air pressure
  • Wind
  • Sunshine
  • Cloud cover

b. List 5 major forms of precipitation.                                                                              (5mks)

  • Dew
  • Frost
  • Snow
  • mist
  • fog
  • rainfall

c. list five main types of fog.                                                                                            (5mks)

  • advention fog
  • radiation fog
  • hill fog
  • frontal fog
  • steam fog

  • Use a well labeled diagram to explain formation of convectional rainfall.                      (10mks)

Drawing                                                                                                                           (5mks)

Explanation                                                                                                                     (5mks)

b. Explain characteristics of conventional rainfall.                                                                (10mks)

  • Fall in cylennon
  • accompanied by thunder
  • accompanied by lighting
  • its torrential (large drops)
  • Lasts a short time (15-20mins)
  • ice pellet (hailstones)
  • sometimes a accompanied by

10).a.  Explain land breeze form.                                                                                           (20mks)

            (Drawing)                                                                                                                   (10mks)

            Explanation                                                                                                               (10mks)

  • During the right the sea is relatively warmer than the land since losses it heat more rapidly
  • The air over the water being warmer rises while cooler danseur form land flows into replace the rising air.
  • Movement of cool air from the land to the sea during the right time is called land breeze.

11) a. Explain four factors to consider when setting a weather station.                                 (8mks)

  • Located in an open space where there is free flow of air
  • it should be near objects such as building vegetarian or other structures that might be secure from children and destructive animals
  • Site should be relatively flat and free from flooding.

      b. Name the weather measuring instruments kept in Stevenson screen.                          (3mks)

  • Maximum thermometer
  • minimum thermometer
  • six’s thermometer
  • hygrometer

         c. Name the instrument used to measure.                                                                      (3mks)

  1. Rainfall:                      Raingauge
  2. Humidity :                  hygrometer
  3. Speed of wind:            Anenometet
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