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Explain how a leaf is adapted for photosynthesis- Biology Essay Questions

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A leaf id adapted to Photosynthesis in the following ways:

  1. Leaves contain numerous chloroplasts which help in photosynthesis;
  2. Leaves have palisade cells which trap a lot of energy from the sun for photosynthesis;
  3. Leaf veins contain xylem which transport water and mineral salts
  4. phloem transport synthesised food;
  5. Laves have guard cells regulate the entry of carbon dioxide and exit of oxygen and water vapour by opening the stomata;
  6. Leaves are broad and flat to expose a large surface area to sunlight in order to trap a lot of energy; A few cells thick for gases to easily diffuse into photosynthesis cells;
  7. They have numerous air spaces to allow free diffusion of the gases;
  8. They have spongy mesophyll cells to store water;
  9. Leaves also have a thick water proof cuticle which prevents water loss (desiccation and injury;
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