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KNEC 2023 KCSE English Paper 3 101/3 Comments/ Report

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This year’s marking exercise has been a smooth one. We thank all examiners that participated in this year’s exercise. The following are comments on the performance of the paper.

  1. Question 1a was the favourite question of the candidates. 90% of the candidates attempted question 1a. The rubric was friendly to all calibre of candidates.
  2. Most candidates did not decipher question 1b because it came to our realization that critical roles played by one in a particular ceremony, is not an obvious thing to most of the candidates. Our children do not attend ceremonies nowadays, fund-raising,weddings etc. Most if the candidates who attempted 1b were talking of a wedding ceremony in which the critical role they played in, was not clearly brought out.
  3. Being the last year, Ole Kulet’s Blossoms of the Savannah was a friendly question with most candidates having an idea of the requirements if the question. Though most of the Kenyan candidates fail to bisect the compulsory novel sufficiently. This is a real crisis in schools. Most of them were unable to bring out the deliberate efforts of Resian amidst her challenges to succeed and recover her dream.

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  1. A new Anthology of short stories, poses uncertainty in most schools that attempts this question. Few candidates attempted this and all because it is story no.10 out of 14 stories in the Anthology. Most candidates anticipated the first 7 stories not knowing KNEC is unpredictable. For those who attempted it, were mixing characters from the other stories like Ninema, Man with Awesome Power, The Incident in the Park etc. This was not a well prepared for story. Because of this, most candidates resorted to question 3b.
  2. Question 3b was the best for all candidates, unfortunately, the most technical optional book. It was a question that all Kenyan candidates would relate to. Most candidates did not interpret the question as expected hence, did little justice to it. Most of them were just sweeping over points and not explaining deeper. Most of the points were intertwined and just needed the students to expound on the sufferings of the people of Kutula brought about by Lacuna Kasoo’s failures as a leader.
  3. Question 3c was not common in this year’s KCSE English paper 3. This is because the set text is new in the curriculum and I guess the perspective of the novel is skewed and treated as a boring book. Believe you me, The Artist of the Floating World is the best performed optional this year. It is a simple book that any candidate can conquer. In fact, it had a simple marking scheme with little expectations for the candidate. Very few candidates attempted this question. Summary;
  4. Prepare adequately for all set texts.
  5. For the top calibre of school, they thrive in the optional play and the shirt stories.
  6. For the average schools, probability to perform in the optional novel is high.
  7. Do what is right for the candidate

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